Brilliant Earth Review For 2022 – Best Sustainably-Sourced Fine Jewelry

When it comes to sustainability, few fine jewelry retailers can compete with Brilliant Earth. With its impressive collection of sustainably-sourced diamonds and gemstones, Brilliant Earth is truly committed to changing the fine jewelry industry. About Brilliant Earth Brilliant Earth is a popular online and in-store jewelry retailer that specializes in high-quality fine jewelry featuring ethically … Read more

Blue Nile Astor Ideal vs. James Allen True Hearts Diamonds

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How Much Is A 2017 $2 Bill Worth? (Price Chart)

Most 2017 2 Dollar bills are worth just as much as their face value. They can be worth more, depending on their condition. Uncirculated, MS 63-graded $2 2017 bills issue are valued at around $4. Star notes can vary in value, but some are more valuable than others. Have two dollars sitting around and wonder … Read more

How Much Is A Silver Plate Worth? (Full Value Charts)

Silver is a precious metal and holds a long-lasting value. In previous times crockery and mostly every item was made of silver due to its color and strength. But with time, the availability of silver decreased, increasing the price. However, that doesn’t mean the silver-plated items will also be sold at the value you can … Read more

When Does Swarovski Have Sales in 2022?

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When Does Sephora Have Sales in 2022?

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WJD Exclusives Review (Are WJD Exclusives Legit?)

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How Much Is Ivory Worth? (2022 Numbers)

Ivory comes from a highly respected animal, the elephant, that’s why it became a status symbol. Ivory is fairly easy to carve into works of art and its cultural uses make it highly prized. The high point trading of ivory in Africa was from the 15th through the 19th centuries which eventually expanded to Europe … Read more