How Much Is A 1993 20 Dollar Bill Worth? (ALL Your Questions Answered!)

Are you trying to determine how much your 1993 20-dollar bill is valued? You’re in luck! You’ve reached the ultimate guide to assessing the value of your 1993 20-dollar bill. It is time to have all your questions answered. How Much Is A 1993 20 Dollar Bill Worth? Depicting a portrait of President Andrew Jackson, … Read more

How Much Is 1940 Quarter Worth?

Very few people in history have left a mark as significant as George Washington so it is only fair that there are several coins with George Washington’s portrait on them. Some of these coins are quite rare and can get a good buck especially if they are in great condition. The 1940 quarter is one … Read more

How Much Is a 1942 Dime Worth? (+Value Chart)

The 1942 Dime is also known as The Winged Head dime and the Mercury Dime. This is due to its unique design and close similarities of Lady Liberty’s portrait to the Roman god Mercury. This dime possesses a lot of value for coin collectors especially if it is found in uncirculated condition.  The 1942 dime … Read more

How Much Is a 1949 Half Dollar worth? (+Value Chart)

A lot of coins in the history of the United States have President George Washington’s face on them, making it a far common sight. However, the 1949 Half Dollar has America’s Founding Father Benjamin Franklin’s face on it, thus becoming a rare collectors’ choice because of its rarity. The reason for its rarity is that … Read more

How Much Is a 1945 Quarter Worth? (Value Chart)

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How Much Is a 1946 Half Dollar Worth? (Value Chart)

The 1946 Half dollar procures a unique design that makes it stand out among other coins from America. These coins are among the popular coins even when the US mint has stopped coining them for nearly a half-century. This doesn’t give any reason for the coins to be dusted in the corner of the old … Read more

How Much Is a 1946 Dime worth? (+Value Chart)

The United States of America minted the 1946 Dime with 90% silver content. Silver gives this coin precious value because of its metal properties. It is a premium coin that has both monetary and melt value.  How Much Is 1946 Dime Worth? The 1946 Dime in good condition can be worth around $1.67. If the … Read more

How Much Is a 1947 Dime worth? (+Value Chart)

The 1940s was a crucial time not for the US but the world. This was when the world was recovering from the Great Depression. The 1947 dime, at that time, was one of the smallest denominations produced in the US.  Considering the economic factors, the coin may not have had a high value during that … Read more

How Much Is a 1946 Quarter worth? (+Value Chart)

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How Much Is a 1947 Half Dollar worth? (+Value Chart)

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