How to Tell if Moldavite Is Real? (Tips for Beginners)

Moldavite is a natural glass crystal that is common mostly in Europe. In this article, you’ll learn how to tell whether or not you’re getting the real deal or a green glass that has been chemically engineered to look like moldavite. I’ll go through their appearance and chemical composition in the following sections. Then I’ll … Read more

How to Open a Geode? (Full Step-by-Step Instructions)

Whether you have a complete, unopened geode or a partially opened one from a vendor; the pleasure of geodes comes in the first crack. Although museum-grade geodes are cut using a high-speed water-cooled diamond saw, most amateur rock hunters probably do not have access to this kind of equipment. Though this technique of opening geodes … Read more

How Much is 1917 Australian Half Penny Worth?

The Australian halfpenny coin was the lowest-denomination circulating currency in Australia. It’s worth noting that the size and composition of this coin are identical to those of the British pre-decimal halfpenny (which it is derived from) (for a period, the coins circulated simultaneously in Australia but not in the United Kingdom; currencies were fixed at … Read more

What is The Value of A New Zealand 1942 One Penny Today?

The reverse side of the 1942 New Zealand penny depicts King George VI, with the surrounding legend “GEORGE VI KING EMPEROR.” The tui bird is perched on a budding kowhai limb in the reverse of the 1942 New Zealand penny. Around the main design are the words “NEW ZEALAND ONE PENNY,” with a date below. … Read more

How Much is 1950 5 Pfennig Coin Worth Today?

The 5 Pfennig coin was a tiny circulating Deutsche Mark currency (German mark) that served as West Germany’s official money from 1948 until 1990 and unified Germany’s afterward. It was equivalent to 5/100 of a Mark. In 1999, the German Mark was replaced by the Euro, which remained in use as a currency until the … Read more

How Much is 1950 1 Pfennig Coin Worth?

The 1 Pfennig coin, or 1 Pf., was the Deutsche Mark’s smallest circulating unit, which was in use from 1948 until 1990 and afterwards unified Germany’s official currency from 1990 until 2002. One Pfennig was worth 1/100 of a Mark. The Deutsche Mark was replaced by the Euro on 1 January 1999. Although its coins … Read more

How Much Is Petrified Wood Worth? (Price Guide and Value)

Petrified wood can be collected, and used for a variety of purposes, including jewelry and tabletops. There is no simple price-per-pound formula for petrified wood; its worth is determined by the item’s size, color, finish and quality. Small samples of low-quality petrified wood might be worthless. A high-quality petrified wood log, on the other hand, … Read more

What Is the Value of Arrowheads? (ANSWERED)

Arrowheads have been discovered in enormous quantities and are a testament to human ability that dates back tens of thousands of years. While finding one may be exciting, the chances are that they aren’t worth much financially, but this does not imply they don’t have value. What Is the Value of Arrowheads? The value of … Read more

6 Best EltaMD Sunscreens For You

I’ve never seen a sunscreen that everyone adores and loves. And I don’t mean anyone in particular. EltaMD Sunscreen enters the stage. It’s loved by dermatologists as well as a slew of celebrities, which is just fantastic. If EltaMD is supported by dermatologists and pampered by celebrities, what’s not to love? Nothing, as far as … Read more

ALL UK Coins Weights & Sizes Explained (2022)

We’ll look at the composition and size of UK coins, as well as why some are magnetic while others aren’t. Also, the most rare coins in the world and fascinating facts about a flood of upside down coins. How Much Does 1p Weigh? The weight of a UK one pence coin is 3.56 grammes. The … Read more