Nose Piercing On Both Sides: What Does It Mean?

Piercings are a classic trend that will never grow old as people love to pierce their bodies. Many people also love nose piercings and usually get them on the left side. However, you can also get a nose piercing on both sides if you want. Of course, piercings are still taboo in many cultures and … Read more

How Much Is 1981 Quarter Worth? Here is the Answer

It’s no secret that the D Washington quarter is one of America’s most popular coins, yet its collector popularity has waned. While it is always worth holding a coin in your hand and saving money on rolls, there are rare occasions when you might want to sell some change. How much is a 1981 quarter … Read more

How Much Is 2000 P Sacagawea Dollar Worth? Value & Price Guide

The Sacagawea dollar coin, which was first produced by the United States Mint in 2000, is worth $1. The Native American $1 Coin Act of 2008 mandated a design change that honors Native Americans and pays tribute to their contributions to the formation of the United States. Additionally, the legislation required edge markings to include … Read more