15400 Vs. 15500: Everything You Must Know

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

The Royal Oak 15400 and 15500 by Audemars Piguet are some of the top watches by the company with an interesting history.

That is because the term Royal Park was an inspiration from the savior of England’s Charles II, which was a tree. There is also a Royal Oak Holiday that comes on the 29th of May each year. 

Both of these watches are sports watches that scream luxury, and you might be wondering which one to buy. If you are, then you have come to the right place. Here is everything you must know about the AP 15400 vs. 15500. 

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15400 Vs. 15500: What Are The Recent Changes To These Watches?

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In 2012, the company released the 15400ST. Here are some of the changes that came in the new version:

  • The width was enhanced to 9.8mm
  • The case was increased to over 40mm
  • The logo of the brand is now at the 12’oclock position 
  • It includes the Caliber 3120 
  • It includes forty jewels
  • It has close to 280 individual fragments 
  • The reserve of power is of sixty hours, which is attained with a single barrel 
  • The gear train’s transmission ratio has also been modified

On the other hand, the 15500 also went through changes three years ago. The width has been enhanced to 10.4mm, and the new caliber 4302 was a great addition to this watch. The movement is self-winding, and it now beats at 28,800 per hour. 

15400 Vs. 15500: What Are Its Best Aspects?

Now that you understand the upgrades, you might be wondering what makes these watches best. Well, one of the greatest aspects of both these watches is the dial design, which is Grande Tapisserie.

You will find that the dial is present in various colors, such as black, gray, or blue. 

Such a dial gives off a luxury look, and the polished steel makes the watch look even better as it gives the sports watch a more formal appeal. Because of this appeal, you can also wear these watches to a formal event without worrying about the look.

So, if you love a great dial and polish, then these are the top two watches for you. 

15400 Vs. 15500: Which Is Bulkier?

There are many people that prefer their watch to be lightweight. That is because they don’t want anything bulky on their hands. You might be wondering which of these two watches is bulkier to help you make the right decision. 

Remember that the 15400 and 15500 have subtle differences, which is why it can be difficult to understand what to choose.

However, the 15500 has a bulkier look and feel than the 15400. That is why if you are looking for a lightweight watch, you will benefit more from the 15400 for a long time. 

Is The 15500 And 15400 Discontinued?

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Not all the models have been discontinued of these two watches as they also received recent updates. However, the 15400 41 mm Royal Oak reference and 15500 with a 41 mm case are officially discontinued.

Many people felt that the reference 15400 was not one of the perfect watches by the company. 

However, it was still a great watch when you take into account the overall design and proportions of the watch. While you won’t get these watches anymore in the market, you can still find them with other people and collectors.

If you want any of these discontinued models, you will have to make an effort to find them. 

Why Are Royal Oaks So Expensive?

These Royal Oak watches come with a high price tag, which is why not everyone can afford to purchase them. You might be wondering why these watches have such a high price tag. The reason for this is that Audemar Piguet doesn’t produce large quantities of these watches. 

Because of this small production, they need to sell the watches for a high price to make a profit. It also takes a long time for them to produce a single watch. That is because the company has a hands-on manufacturing process that allows for more accuracy and precision. 

Does AP Royal Oak Hold Value?

Finally, you might be wondering if your AP Royal Oaks will hold their value. The answer is yes; they can hold the value incredibly well, more than any other watches.

However, when you compare it to Patek Phillipe or Rolex, it will hold the value slightly less. 

So, you can decide what brand you want to choose. In the end, it depends on your budget and preferences. 

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