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Hi, I’m Eran Hayo, the editor-in-chief of Jewels Advisor.

I have built Jewels Advisor to serve one main purpose – to teach you everything we know about jewelry and help you make better-informed decisions when buying diamonds and engagement rings online.

Back in early 2015, I had plans to purchase an engagement ring. During this time, I have personally visited over 50 different jewelry stores throughout the country and talked for hours with representatives from over 30 online jewelry stores and chains.

It took me 14 months to find the ring I was looking for, and it was time well spent.

With that new experience by my side, I have decided to create this website to help new customers who are in the same shoes as I was back in 2015.

Since the beginning of Jewels Advisor, we have expanded to multiple other topics surrounding the jewelry and fashion world, but our core principal remains the same – helping anyone find the right diamond ring for them, regardless of budget and limitations.

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