How Much Is 1885 Silver Dollar Worth? (Answered)

Last Updated on April 4, 2022

More than 100 years old, the 1885 silver dollar coin is one of the best articles to have in a collection. This coin’s history and uniqueness have made it famous and are worth a lot more than the other silver dollars. The 185 silver dollar was a part of the United States currency and held a special place for many years.

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How Much Is 1885 O Silver Dollar Worth?

If you are looking for the melt value of this coin, it will range from $19 to $21, depending on the latest price of silver per ounce. If you are a collector and not looking to melt it, you would know the actual worth of having the coin.

In fine condition, an 1885 silver dollar value can be estimated around $30 to $35. On the other hand, an uncirculated 1885 dollar would value approximately $55 but with an MS 60 grade. For MS 65 1885, silver dollar coins may go up to $150 to $160.

The 1885 silver dollar coin is generally worth more than other silver coins. The coin is made out of 90% silver, so a significant amount of silver can be extracted.

Here we were talking about the 1885 O silver dollar coin. There is also an 1855 CC silver coin that is somehow similar but valued much more than the 1885 O coin.

1885 O Morgan Silver Dollar BU $1 Brilliant Uncirculated

What Is The 1885 CC Silver Dollar Coin Value?

In a fine condition, an 1885 CC silver dollar coin can quickly go for $530. Not just that, in highly perfect condition, the 1885 CC silver dollar is valued at $550.

THE GRADES OF the MS 60 and MS 65 are also found in the 1885 CC coin. You may be now wondering about their values. The MS 60 grade 1885 CC coin holds a value of $600 but uncirculated ones. The MS 65 goes at an outstanding value, around $925.

What Does the CC in 1885 CC Silver Dollar Stands For?

The 1885 CC silver dollar is one of the highest valued collectible coins. The CC in the 1885 CC silver dollar stands for Carson City.

The 1885 CC silver dollars were produced in the Carson City mint of the United States. It is made using the finest silver, and due to this reason, it holds a high value in the market.

Out of 28,697,000 1885 silver coins ever minted, only 228,000 were produced in the Carson City mint. The rareness is also what makes it a unique item for some collectors.

What Was the Highest Value A 1885 CC Silver Dollar Was Sold for?

There is no official record of the highest valued an 1885 CC silver dollar was sold for. However, there was an auction held of the 1885 CC silver dollar.

The auction report states the coin was auctioned at $135,125. The 1885 CC silver dollar coin had a grade of MS 68+. It means that the coin was of the highest quality silver and in the best condition.

MOMOKY 1885-CC-COPY Morgan Dollar-Copper Plating Silver Coin-Replica U.S Old Original Pre Morgan Commemorative Coins Best Coin Collecting Maybe Coin Discovery Collection

What Does The O In 1885 O Silver Dollar Means?

The 1885 O means that the silver dollar coin was produced in the New Orleans of the US government. Around 9,185,000 silver dollar coins of 1885 were minted at the New Orleans mint.

Where Is The Mint Mark Located on an 1885 Silver Dollar?

Be it from any mint, the mintmark on an 1885 silver dollar is located on the reverse or the tails side of the coin. Present below the wreath, the mintmark can easily be noticed if you look closer.

What Is The Difference Between MS 60 And MS 65 Grade?

The MS 60 AND MS 65 are ratings or grades awarded to each coin depending on their condition and other factors. The grades can easily be identified after closely looking at the silver coin.

The MS 60 coin has no signs of wear, but luster can be found. There may be a few stains or surface marks as well.

On the other hand, MS 65 has a different eye appeal. There are few contact marks but unnoticeable.

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