How Much is 1890 Silver Dollar Worth? (Can You Sell It?)

Last Updated on April 4, 2022

The 1890 Morgan silver dollars are worth their face value as currency and also have a market worth for their content of silver. The US only provides a mint mark on the 1890 silver dollar. The mint mark, when present, can be found below the wreath on the back side of the coin.


What is the Value of this 1890 Silver Dollar?

This coin is worth at least $1.00 in silver, based on its weight value. The calculated coin’s silver melt value is $19.84 as of March 24, 2022 and the current silver spot price is $25.65 per ounce.

The 1890 Silver Dollar having no mint mark is worth $30 in Fine condition. In Extremely Fine Condition the price is around $33. Coins in Uncirculated Condition with an MS 60 Grade are worth between $60 & $70.

A CC silver dollar from 1890 is around $120. It ranges in value from $120 to $160 for varying degrees of wear. It can be worth up to $540 if it’s graded MS 60. Most uncirculated coins, with a grade that is MS 65, can sell for around $3,000.

The value of the 1890 O silver dollar is typically around $30 in very fine condition. If the coin is extremely fine, it could be worth up to $33. Coins at a grade of MS 60 are uncirculated and can sell for around $90 while uncirculated coins with a grade of MS 65 can sell for nearly double at around 137$.

The 1890 S silver dollar has a value of around $30 in very fine condition. A $33 value is given to coins in extremely fine condition. Coins that have never been used or circulated have a higher price of around $85 for those with a MS 60 grade. The price is even more if the coin has been graded as MS 65.

Proof coins having no mint mark are available and they are each valued at around $3,000 in PR 63 condition. In total 590 of these coins were created.

1890 P Morgan Silver Dollar BU $1 Brilliant Uncirculated

What is the Grading System of this Coin?

The grading of these coins can be described as follow,

The fine one, where there are 2/3rds of the line from her brow up to the top of her ear.

The other is extremely fine, that is, Liberty’s hair lines and ear look as strong as ever.

MS 60 in uncirculated condition– This coin appears to be in an excellent condition. There are no signs of wear & tear, but for full confirmation you should examine the coin up close to look for surface abrasions, stains, or marks.

MS 65 gem in uncirculated condition– The item is in good condition and looks great. There are a few minor contact marks, but they’re barely noticeable.

PR 63 proof- The coin is close to perfect with a few minor flaws.

1890 P Morgan Silver Dollar BU $1 Brilliant Uncirculated

Morgan Silver Dollar

The “Morgan silver dollar” is one of the most popular coin that was minted and made by U.S. This dollar was minted between 1878 till 1904 and then again for an year in 1921. They are labelled after their developer, George T. Morgan. The inner parts of the coin are made of fine silver,  that means that no base metals have been added in it.

If marketed as raw silver, the metal is worth about $11per ounce. The worth of this Morgan dollar is determined by several factors, including its affliction, lack of supply, and whether it has been graded by a third party.

Minting of 1890 Silver Dollar

As other countries began creating their own trade dollars to compete with the US, the Morgan silver dollar was created. This particular piece of currency was primarily intended for use in international trade.

US coin collectors were in favour of a US dollar coin as the trade dollars were worth more than 1 dollar in some countries. This is why they pressured Congress and President Grover Cleveland to sign into law an act creating a US dollar coin.

Just like the 1884 Morgan silver dollar, the series of Morgan silver dollar is really interesting. It has a history that dates back to 1890. It was withdrawn after a series of laws that were enacted to stabilize the American economy, but was later added to the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

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