How Much Is The 1944 Dime Worth? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on March 29, 2022

The 1944 dime, which is also known as the 1944 mercury dime, is a valuable coin.

As the name suggests, this coin was minted and issued in the year 1944 as the Winged Liberty Head dime. There were three different series issued for the 1944 dime, and its mintmark can be found on the dime’s reverse side.

It is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, which is why it is not only worth its numismatic value but also as silver bullion as well.

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How Much Is The 1944 Dime Worth?

The value of a 1944 dime is between $24 to $50 dollars.

Since the coin is mainly composed using silver, 90% to be exact, its minimum value is equivalent to that of its value in silver weight. This value for the 1944 dime is calculated each day, the value of silver met is 1.79 dollars. This value for the silver melt is derived using the spot market for the price of silver, which currently stands at 24.76 dollars for each ounce of silver.

Now that we have figured out the base worth of the 1944 dime, we can now factor in the condition of the dime due to the fact that its worth is also derived from its numismatic value. The 1944 dime is a bit unique from most other coins as it some coins do not have a mintmark.

So, a 1944 dime that does not have the mint mark and is considered to be in a fine condition has a worth of much more than its face value. This type of 1944 dime is valued at around three dollars. If it is considered to be in an even finer condition then it can have a worth of around 3.25 dollars. The worth of the 1944 dime does not only depend on whether it has a mint mark or not.

The worth also depends on the condition and the grade it is categorized in. Therefore, a 1944 dime that falls within the uncirculated condition and is categorized within the MS 60 grade has an even higher value.

These 1944 dimes are worth anywhere around 6 dollars. However, the worth of the 1944 dime can go even higher, that is, to anywhere around 25 dollars. Although, for a 1944 dime coin to have a worth of around 25 dollars, it must have an uncirculated condition and be categorized within the MS 65 grade.

1944 D and S Series Value

The worth of the coins that fall within the 1944 D and S series are the same to one another and a bit different from that of the P series. If the dime is in circulated condition, then the value is the same as the 1944 P series.

However, if the dime within these series is in uncirculated condition and categorized within the MS 60 grade, then it has a higher value, which will be around 7 dollars.

Furthermore, if the 1944 D and S series dimes are in uncirculated condition and categorized within the MS 65 grade, which is higher than MS 60, then the value of the coin increases even further. 1944 dimes categorized within this grade and condition have a worth of around 30 dollars.

How many dimes were minted for the 1944 dime coin?

As with most coins that have been minted and issued within the US, there are three series of the 1944 dime coin, which include the 1944 P series, the 1944 D series, and the 1944 S series. All of the 1944 dimes within each series were minted at different locations and in different quantities.

The 1944 P series has 231,410,000 dimes and was minted in Philadelphia. The 1944 D series had a total of 62,224,000 dimes minted at Denver, and, lastly, the S series was minted in San Francisco. This series has the smallest quantity of dimes minted, which is 49,490,000, to be exact.

Does the 1944 dime have a mint mark?

The 1944 dime coin was mainly minted within the US with the absence of a mint mark. However, there are some 1944 dimes out there that do have a mint mark present, which can be found on the tail side of the dime.

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