How much is 1967 Half Dollar Worth? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on April 4, 2022

Do you have a 1967 Half Dollar in your pocket? If you do, then you’re holding history in your hands! As clear from the name, this coin was minted in 1967. It’s made of silver and is in excellent condition. If you’re interested in learning more about this historic coin, keep reading!


How much is 1967 Half Dollar Worth?

One way you can still find out the value of a Kennedy Half Dollar 1967 is by looking for one that is still in circulation.

These coins are also still produced to this day in large numbers. The silver price at this moment is about $2.50

Higher grade examples of this coin are still priced very low. In “uncirculated” condition, these coins can sell for around $7. A price jump to $60 is seen with MS-65 varieties.

Despite their rarity, grades MS-67 & MS-68 are the most expensive. An MS-67 for sale in 2017, for example, was valued at $1,300. Many coins have grades below MS-65 and will be near this price range or lower.

1967 P Kennedy Clad Half Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated US Mint

Grading System

The coin’s lustre might not be as prominent. There are some contact marks that might not be in the best condition.

MS 65 – Nice lustre and eye appeal. A few light contact marks may be present.

Mint Mark Location

Mint mark located below where the eagle’s claw grasps the branch on the reverse for coins of 1964, as well as 1964 – 2014 W gold coins; Mint mark omitted in 1965 to 1967 and during Philadelphia minting.

1967 Half Dollar’s Disappearance

Although Kennedy Half Dollars are still made today, they have almost disappeared from everyday circulation. This is because of a cashless society & amp; the fact that there’s less of a need for them now (there’s no such thing as “kiddie change”).

As the United States has been moving away from using cash and instead relies more on credit, the use of coins has started to dwindle with most people only carrying the smaller denominations. That is unless they are lucky enough to have a whole dollar coin in their pocket. The $1 Coin (AKA “Loonie”) and $2 Coin (AKA “Toonie). The reason you don’t need a half-dollar coin is inflation.

When the Kennedy Half Dollar was first made, it could buy a lot of goods. In the past, having a Kennedy Half Dollar in your pocket was fairly common as it could provide an average person with some small items they might need, such as lunch or something more practical. Meanwhile, inflation has made it so that it isn’t nearly as useful nowadays and can only adequately buy a single item at most.

The media outlet says it produces Kennedy Half Dollars because they appeal to collectors, but why not discontinue the production then?

Kennedy Half Dollars are made for two groups: collectors and circulation. While most of the coins are used by collectors, some do enter the economy. Kennedy Half Dollars that are circulating often come from mint sets or proofs.

A huge number of Kennedy Half Dollars are still living in treasury and bank vaults and won’t likely be used any time soon. Unless the government decides to remove them from circulation, they’ll continue to live there.

How Can You Tell If Your 1967 Half Coin Is Silver?

Inspect the edges of coins, as they can have either a copper stripe or silver. A metallic stripe with traces of copper might (but won’t necessarily) signify that the coin is clad. The first U.S. coins minted for general circulation to contain 40% silver are Kennedy half dollars minted from 1965 – 1970.

1967 P Kennedy Clad Half Dollar Brilliant Uncirculated US Mint

History of the 1967 Half dollar

The Kennedy Half Dollar is a fairly recent coin, with a higher minting and circulation rate than older ones. As such, many still exist today.

The Mint at Philadelphia minted 29,546,000 of the 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar. Most of these examples have either been circulated or melted to extract their small silver value.

The 1965-1970 Kennedy Half Dollars were composed of 60% copper and 40% silver and weighed 11.50 grams each. The diameter was 30.6 millimetres, while the edge was receded

Are All 1967 Half dollars Silver?

Kennedy Half Dollars from 1965-1970 were composed of a Silver clad composition. The 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar has the highest mintage and is encountered in all grades.

The half dollar is a series of coins with an image of John F. Kennedy on the obverse released by the United States. These were issued between 1964-1971 and circulated until then. Various compositions are used to make these coins, including 90% silver, 40% silver and nickel.

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