Agape Diamonds Review For 2023

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Committed to reducing harmful diamond mining practices and creating a sustainable and stunning product, Agape Diamonds is changing the way customers think about diamonds while revolutionizing the diamond industry.


What Is Agape Diamonds?

Agape Diamonds is an online engagement and fine jewelry retailer specializing in conflict-free simulated, synthetic, lab-grown, and natural diamonds.

With a large selection of wholesale items, Agape Diamonds offers beautiful stones with an eco-friendly footprint.

Where Is Agape Diamonds Located?

Agape Diamonds is located in Tampa, FL.

What Makes Agape Diamonds Unique?

Agape Diamonds is unlike any other engagement retailer.

Committed to creating diamonds with a “minimal impact on humanity,” Agape Diamonds offers a variety of eco-friendly stones at budget-friendly prices.

Some of the unique diamond options offered by Agape Diamonds include:

Simulated Diamonds

Crafted in the spitting image of a natural diamond, the Agape Simulated Diamond resembles a natural diamond and is “nearly flawless.”

Simulated diamonds have a brilliant appearance and can be cut in a variety of shapes.

Lab-grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds crafted by Agape Diamonds offer superior quality and sustainability.

Each lab-grown diamond is guaranteed to look equally as brilliant as its natural counterpart without the environmental and social impacts.

Natural Diamonds

The modest selection of natural diamonds offered by Agape Diamonds are certified conflict-free and mined using ethical standards and environmentally-conscious practices to help reduce harmful impacts.

Is Agape Diamonds Reputable?

Agape Diamonds is a well-established online engagement retailer with an overall positive customer rating.

Common concerns include misrepresenting product types and unmet expectations.

How Expensive Is Agape Diamonds?

Agape Diamonds is reasonably priced. Because Agape Diamonds manufactures its own products and does not work on commission, customers receive substantial discounts on items.

Are Agape Diamond Products Good Quality?

Agape Diamond offers quality diamond-simulant products that are “guaranteed not to fade or lose sparkle,” and mimic the appearance of natural diamonds.

However, customers should be aware that most stones offered through Agape Diamonds are simulated diamonds and should consider shopping at other retailers for natural stones.

What Type Of Warranty Does Agape Diamonds Offer?

Agape Diamonds offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, as well as a Risk-Free Shopping Guarantee which allows customers a full refund within 30-days if they are not completely satisfied with their purchase.

What Types Of Jewelry Does Italo Jewelry Sell?

Agape Diamonds offers a large selection of fine jewelry, including:

Engagement Rings

The modest collection of engagement rings include popular setting styles such as halo, solitaire, and three-stone.

Engagement rings are pre-designed and average around $1400 per ring.


Earring collections include stud, halo, and colored stone options available in a handful of colors and metal choices.

Prices average around $550 per pair.


The small collection of Designer Tennis Bracelets includes options such as princess, round, and halo cut stones in 14K white gold. Prices average around $1300 per bracelet.

How To Purchase From Agape Diamonds

Customers interested in purchasing jewelry from Agape Diamonds can browse a modest selection of loose synthetic, lab-grown, and natural diamonds.

Additionally, Agape Diamonds offers a modest collection of pre-designed rings in a variety of styles.

Once an item has been selected, customers can follow a simple checkout process. Customers can also choose to finance products and will receive fast and free shipping.

Where Does Agape Diamonds Ship?

Agape Diamonds offers free shipping on domestic orders within the USA. International orders are subject to shipping charges and additional fees.

Can Items Be Returned?

Customers can return or exchange an Agape Diamonds item within 30 days for a full refund. Returns and exchanges include free shipping with qualifying orders.

Does Agape Diamonds Offer Discounts?

Much of the inventory offered by Agape Diamonds is already discounted. Additionally, customers can expect additional savings during seasonal sales and receive periodic discount coupons.

Customer Service

An Agape Diamonds representative can be contacted via phone and email. The retailer does not offer a live chat feature at this time.

Should You Buy From Agape Diamonds?

Customers interested in purchasing a simulated diamond will be impressed with the quality and affordability of stones offered by Agape Diamonds.

The retailer is a great choice for customers interested in eco-friendly and sustainably manufactured engagement and fine jewelry at affordable prices.

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