How Much Is Albite Worth?

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Albite is one of the top gemstones that is used to manufacture ceramics and glass. However, it is important as a rock-forming mineral.

It is usually found with other minerals, and the worth depends on the quality of the rock-forming mineral.

So, if you want to understand the value of albite, you have come to the right place. Here is your complete guide that will help you gauge the worth of this rock-forming mineral in no time.

Small size 6, Rare Genuine Green JADEITE-ALBITE (MAW SIT SIT) Natural Gemstone from Burma, 925 Sterling Silver, Pinky Finger Ring Jewelry.


How Much Is Albite Worth?

Albite can range everywhere from $20 to a few hundred dollars. Of course, the price will depend on the quality of the rock-forming mineral and other factors.

That is why it is crucial to research the quality of the albite before you decide to purchase it. Remember that albite is not that expensive because it is not used in many processes.

The most important processes it is used in are ceramics and glass. The color is pure white, which is why the mineral is perfect for its use.

The value of albite is affordable, and you can easily find the mineral by conducting a simple online search. Once you do, you will get high-quality albite in no time.

Where Is Albite Found?

Small size 6, Rare Genuine Green JADEITE-ALBITE (MAW SIT SIT) Natural Gemstone from Burma, 925 Sterling Silver, Pinky Finger Ring Jewelry.

Albite is found in many places. These include the Scandinavian Peninsula, Canada, and Labrador. However, it is mainly used as an ornamental stone in ceramic clays and mineral specimens.

That is why the value of this mineral is not that expensive. You can easily find it, and you will not have to break your bank. After that, you can use the stone as you wish.

What Colors Does Albite Come In?

There are many colors that albite comes in. These include colorless, white, yellow, pink, gray, reddish, and greenish.

The highest quality albite will be colorless, and it will also be the most expensive albite stone you will find. The hardness of this mineral is between 6 and 6.5, and it is a variety of feldspar.

Sometimes, the mineral is also intergrown with emerald. Besides that, the transparency of this mineral can be between transparent and opaque.

What Is The Size Of Albite?

The clean gems of albite usually vary between the range of one and three carats. However, there are some gems that are known to be at least fifty carats.

The size will depend on what you want from the gem and how much you are willing to pay. However, the size of the albite is not that large to begin with.

That is why you will not find this mineral in a lot of carats. If you are looking for an affordable stone, you can opt for albite.

Is Albite Rare?

Small size 6, Rare Genuine Green JADEITE-ALBITE (MAW SIT SIT) Natural Gemstone from Burma, 925 Sterling Silver, Pinky Finger Ring Jewelry.

Albite is not a rare material, which is why it is not that expensive. You will notice that albite is found in granites, pegmatites, and lavas.

Usually, albite is found with other minerals that contain rare elements that are isolated in the last stages of crystallization. Some of the minerals where albite is found include beryl, spodumene, and tourmaline.

It is the last of all the feldspars to crystallize in the molten rock. You will also find it in layers with other potassium feldspar minerals.

When you find it like this, the albite will have white stripes within the stones. Even this combination is not too rare, and it is known as perthite.

What Is The Metaphysical Importance Of Albite?

Many stones and gems have metaphysical properties that make them unique. For example, albite is known to improve a person’s ability to relate with others.

That is why many people wear albite to adapt to uncertainty and enhance their courage. The mineral is also known to purify and cleanse the blood of any impurities.

There is no scientific evidence that supports these claims. However, many crystals are thought to have such properties, as they are known to be healing.

For example, holding stones and meditating with them is known for releasing dopamine and endorphins in the brain. Scientists say that this is a placebo effect when people use crystals and stones.

Of course, you can find out for yourself by opting for these crystals. Albite crystals have also been associated with the third eye. According to many people, it can help you take decisive actions, break free from fear, and welcome growth.

If you want to benefit from these, you can also invest in albite crystals. Once you do, you can find out yourself whether they work or not.

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