How Much Is The BAT Quarter Worth? (2020 BAT Value)

Last Updated on October 12, 2022

Over the last hundred years, The United States Treasury has minted a lot of unique coins

Out of all those beautiful coins, The 2020 BAT Quarter, also known as the American Samoa National Park Quarter, is possibly the most unique coin ever minted in the US. 

The coin gets its name from the picture of fruit bats engraved on the reverse of the coin.

The fruit bats can be found in large numbers in American Samoa however their population is on a declining curve.

So, these coins can also act as a remembrance for people to stop hunting these bats.


What is the value of a BAT quarter?

The circulated Bat quarters are usually worth their face value of $0.25.

The coins were minted in the year 2020 so they are not that uncommon or as valuable as coins that were minted in the last century.

However, BAT quarters in uncirculated condition and proof coins can still get a lot of money.

In uncirculated condition the Bat quarters can fetch somewhere from $0.56 for MS 63 grade to $2.28 for MS 65 grade.

However, their valuation also depends on the mint they were minted. The grading scale goes up to 70.

So, if you have an uncirculated BAT quarter that has been graded over 65 then you will easily be able to get over $2.28 for it.

2020 P, D, S American Samoa National Park Quarter Singles Bat Coin in Air Tite Holders - 3 Coin Set Uncirculated

BAT Quarter Valuation Table

As already mentioned, the Bat quarter in circulated condition is worth its face value of $0.25.

However, the following table will help you understand the valuation of 2020 Bat quarters in uncirculated and proof condition:

Coin Type (Bat Quarters) Uncirculated Condition (MS 60 to MS 65) Proof Coins (PR 65)
2020-P $0.56 – $1.14 N/A
2020-D $0.56 – $1.14 N/A
2020–S (Uncirculated) $2.28 (MS 65) N/A
2020-S-Proof N/A $3.30
2020-S-Silver Proof N/A $9.81
2020-W $23 (MS 65) N/A

These values are taken from USA Coin Book

Do Bat Quarters Have Any Melt Value?

The bat quarters are composed of nickel and copper with copper having the higher percentage of composition.

So, its melt value will be equal to the combined melt value of copper and nickel.

However, the 2020-S Silver proof coin has a higher melt as those coins are made with 99.9% fine silver.

What Is the Auction Record for The BAT Quarter?

The highest a Bat quarter has gone for at an auction is $2,795. The coin had a grade of MS67 and it was sold in May 2022. The same coin in its current state would be worth much more 10 to 20 years from now.

Mintage Of BAT Quarters

Over 500,000,000 BAT Quarters were minted in 2020 in all four major United States Mints.  The breakdown is as following;

Mint Number Of Coins Minted
West Point 2,000,000
Philadelphia 286,000,000
Denver 212,200,000
San Francisco (Including Proof Coins) 1,940,988

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