When Does Beautycounter Have Sales?

Last Updated on June 21, 2022

Beautycounter is a well-reputed brand that sells skincare and body products. The company offers 2 to 3 sales every year with a specific percentage discount. You can also enjoy deals on holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The best part about Beautycounter is that it offers high flexibility when offering discounts. You can also save significant money through other methods on the website. 

Do you want to know when Beautycounter has sales? If so, continue reading to learn more.


When Does Beautycounter Have Sales?

Beautycounter is a famous company that offers two to three regular sales every year. Typically, you will get a 15% discount throughout the site during such sales. However, the time for each sale differs.

You may encounter a regular discount offer during spring, summer, or winter. The exact date depends on the promotion team of Beautycounter. So you will have to wait till the sale goes live.

Besides that, the company also offers a discount on some holidays. You may encounter a sale on New Year’s, Independence Day, and Black Friday. Sometimes the brand may offer deals on Cyber Monday.

Typically, the company will publish the sale on a specific holiday for 24 hours. However, the brand may post the discounts a few days before the holiday to offer more flexibility. You must check the website to know about the sales.

You can also signup for the company’s newsletter to receive promotional offers. This will allow you to know about sales without visiting the website frequently.

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Does Beautycounter Offer A Discount On First Purchase?

The brand offers high flexibility to first-time customers by offering a unique discount. You can get 30% off by using the code “CLEANFORALL30” on your first purchase. The best part is that this offer is available on the brand’s website and app.

This code applies to various Beautycounter products to help you save money when shopping from the brand for the first time. However, some products are excluded from the discount. These include Big Shine Duo, Instant Bundle, and different sets.

You will save money on taxes and different fees by using the code on your first purchase. This offer is designed to help you buy from Beautycounter with high confidence. You can trust the product quality of the brand.

Does Beautycounter Have A Rewards Program?

Beautycounter has a rewards program to help you save significant money. It is best to enjoy different discounts and get items at a low price. You can become a Band of Beauty Member to enjoy free shipping on all orders above $100.

The rewards program also offers you a $44 value gift when spending $50 or more after becoming a member. This means you can save significant money on the purchase because of the discount voucher. Another great thing is that you will receive 10% credit back on all applicable orders.

You can use the credits later after saving to buy a specific item without spending cash. The best part is that you will also receive exclusive discount offers as a member.

What Is The Last Chance Sale On Beautycounter?

The Last Chance is a sale category that Beautycounter offers on specific items. This discount continues on last chance products and helps you enjoy 30% to 45% off. These are items that are available only until the supply lasts.

After the stock finishes, you will not be able to get the items because the company may not restock them. This is why you should not miss getting a Last Chance Product. The best part is that the brand offers excellent items in this category.

How To Save Money When Shopping From Beautycounter?

You can also save money on Beautycounter by shopping smartly. For instance, getting bundle sets is more cost-effective than individual items. This is because the combination is priced lower than the total fees of the products in the bundle.

You may also signup for the rewards program to enjoy exclusive offers. Besides that, you should also save your credits and use them for shopping later. You can also get Duo products to save more money.

The best way to save on shipping charges is by getting multiple items at once. Typically, you will be eligible for shipping on orders above $50 in the US. Free shipping is also offered on some international orders.

Do Consultants Get Discounts On Beautycounter?

A consultant helps Beautycounter sell products to different customers. The best part is that you will get many perks after becoming an advisor. For instance, all consultants get $25 on products throughout the year.

So you will not have to wait for sales. Besides that, consultants are also allowed to buy pre-sale products. These items are offered at a discount of 38% to 40%. This is another way to save money when shopping from this website.

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