9 Best Blow Dryers for Black Hair in 2022

Last Updated on August 18, 2022

Unlike before when people used to dry hair naturally, we now use a blow dryer to style our hair, and this is all thanks to modern technology.

But not all people are experts when it comes to choosing the right blow dryer. Many are still clueless when it comes to the right features and size. 

So if you are one of these people, you’ve come to the right place.

I have just compiled a list of the best blow dryers for black hair in 2022, based on my own personal experience.


What Is The Best Blow Dryer for Black Hair?

To get the result you want, consider buying a blow dryer that is powerful, lightweight and has the latest features.

Here is my full list of the best blow dryers to try this year:

1. GAMMA+ 3500 Professional – Best Overall Hair Dryer

GAMMA+ 3500 Professional Salon Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer, 2 Nozzles, 6 Heat Settings, Red

After testing over 20 different hair dryers over the last 2 years, I have personally found the Gamma+ 3500 to be the best choice for women with black natural hair.

The Gamma+ 3500 got multiple different features that make it stand out from the rest of the competition currently.

The first of those features is its incredible speed. After using the Gamma+ 3500 for a while, my hair drying process became 1.5X times faster than any other dryer I have tried before.

Its motor speed and air pressure really make a difference and outperform even more expensive solutions. 

And amazingly, all of this speed does not come with a cost in comfort.

The hair drying process is easy, and I can hold the dryer for hours due to its lightweight of 13.4 ounces.

2. Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer 1875 Watt

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer, 1875 Watt Professional Blow Dryer for Smooth, Shiny Hair with 3 Attachments Quick Dry Nozzle, Diffuser and Concentrator Nozzle – EH-NA65-K (Black/Pink), Black

This quality hair dryer from Panasonic uses cutting-edge nanoe technology to deliver exceptional results. It has a powerful motor that provides 1875 watts of power for fast drying. It features three heat settings and two speed settings to give you the perfect level of control.

The cool shot button is great for setting your style, and the included concentrator attachment ensures precise results. With its sleek design and quiet operation, the Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer is a great choice for any hair type.

3. Hot tool professional 1875W Turbo Ceramic Rainbow Hairdryer

Hot Tools Professional Rainbow Turbo Ceramic Hair Dryer | 1875W Powerful and Quiet Blowouts

Aside from being powerful, this hair dryer has novelty which is key to flawless styling, making it perfect for wavy, naturally curly black hair.

This is easy to use because it has multiple heat settings and is lightweight. This is made using ceramic material and has 1875 Watts. 

In addition, this hair dryer has many positive reviews because it is made by one of the leading and award-winning brands that aims to create innovative tools.

4. Rosily 2,000 Watts Blow and styling hairdryer

ROSILY Salon Hair Dryer, 2200W Professional 2 in 1 Blow Styling Blowdryer, Low Noise Salon Long Cord, with Concentrator, Comb Nozzle, 4 Speed 6 Heat Settings, 20 Year Lifespan

Whether black or natural, this blow dryer is a must have. Aside from being lightweight, this has an ergonomic design.

The powerful hair dryer that has 2,000 Watts, is quiet and great for both stylings and blow-drying mode.

5. Elchim Classic 2001 Blow Dryer

Elchim Classic 2001 Hair Dryer: Light 1875 Watt Quick Dry Professional Salon Blow Dryer - Red/Black

One of the best options, Elchim Classic 2001 blow dryer is made using ceramic technology with five temperatures and has two speeds. 

This powerful hair dryer that has 1875 Watts is available in four colors and comes with various attachments. 

These great features are ideal for black hair that is hard to tame.

6. Paul Mitchell Express Ion Hair Dryer

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Dry+ Hair Dryer, Digital Ionic Hair Dryer, Multiple Heat + Speed Settings, For Salon-Level Blowouts

Paul Mitchell expression hair dryer will give you an advanced drying experience. Featured with a cool shot button, the 1875 Watt professional motor has multiple heat and speed settings.

What’s even cooler is you can customize your blowout because it comes with nozzle and diffuser attachments.

7. Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer Review

Panasonic Nanoe Hair Dryer, 1875 Watt Professional Blow Dryer for Smooth, Shiny Hair with 3 Attachments Quick Dry Nozzle, Diffuser and Concentrator Nozzle – EH-NA65-K (Black/Pink), Black

This 1875-Watt hair dryer comes with three attachments: concentrator nozzle, quick-dry nozzle and a diffuser.

Aside from making your hair look great, this will make you look fashionable as it is available in two colors, which is black and pink. In addition, it has a cool shot button, three heat settings and has two-speed settings.

8. MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875W Hairdryer

MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w Low Noise Ionic Ceramic Ac Infrared Heat Hair Dryer Plus One Concentrator and One Diffuser Black Color

This 1875-watt AC motor hair dryer is made of ceramic material, making it perfect for all hair types. It comes with various attachments, including diffuser and an airflow concentrator.

This hair dryer is easy to grip since it comes with a 6-foot cord. Has three heat settings and two speeds. More so, it has negative ion technology and has far-infrared heat which can get rid of hair frizz.

9. USmooth Professional smoothing or volumizing dryer

Usmooth Professional Smoothing or Volumizing Dryer

Small concentrator, large concentrator and a diffuser are just some of the features that you can get from this lightweight hair dryer.

This hair dryer is easy to clean because it has a removable filter. Apart from that, it has multiple speed, heat settings and a cool shot button.

It is designed with an intake fan and cap to allow optimal airflow. In addition, the design was intended to reduce noise.

The hairdryer has a 12 feet professional cord and assured best results. Aside from quality materials, this is made using the latest technology.

How to blow dry black hair properly?

It’s important to start with rough drying your hair. Start on medium speed settings then apply a heat protector on your hair.

Next, section your hair to start drying each area. To make the hair look smooth and shiny, ensure that you use the blow dryer facing downwards. You can use a comb if you desire.

How to blow dry your black hair straight?

Wash your hair, then apply shampoo and conditioner. Then apply a heat protectant.

Next is to divide your hair into sections. To achieve better results, position the nozzle from the roots to the end. Assist your drying process with a brush to style your hair.

Is blow-drying your hair bad for black hair?

No. Actually, blow drying your black hair has many benefits. It can reduce split ends, air gets stretched out for styling, helps to eliminate knots quickly are just some to name a few.

How long does it take for black hair to dry naturally?

Usually drying hair takes two to three hours and longer for thick hair. Nevertheless, The time taken to dry hair depends on various factors such as thickness and type.

What is the best way to dry Black Hair?

The best way to dry black hair is using a microfiber towel without rubbing the hair. Just tie the towel over your head, allowing it to absorb the water from your hair.

This process will prevent hair frizzing and dry your hair around 80% before using a blow dry.

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