7 Things To Know Before Buying Black Wedding Rings

Last Updated on July 7, 2022

The most recent trends in the bridal industry that we’ve noticed lately are a move toward black wedding rings. These bands, which are frequently composed of palladium, tungsten, or carbon fiber, have become increasingly popular in recent years.

It’s been exciting to see how many males come in specifically looking for black wedding bands.

The unique appeal of black wedding bands lies in the fact that they are both youthful and fashionable. They are on-trend right now, with a wider range than ever before.

There are, however, a few drawbacks to purchasing black wedding rings over more popular metals that may make them unsuitable for you when it’s time to purchase your ring.

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7 Things To Know Before Buying Black Wedding Rings

We’d want to make sure you’re aware of everything before you opt for a black band as your first option.

1.Huge selection of black wedding rings

The good news is that black wedding bands are very fashionable and on-trend right now, so the variety has never been greater.

With such a large number of individuals expressing an interest in black wedding bands, any store will have a wider variety to select from. Furthermore, more brands are using tungsten or carbon fiber in their rings to satisfy the need.

2.These rings can NOT be re-sized

The look of a black wedding band is fresh and modern, but there are some drawbacks to consider before choosing these darker alloys.

Many black wedding bands, for example, are not resizable. With precious metals like gold or platinum, any jeweler can readily modify most rings as we age and our bodies change shape; it’s unusual that our bodies will remain the same form throughout our lives.

It’s quite typical for couples to return their rings once or more throughout the course of their marriage. This is something to keep in mind if you want a black wedding band.

3.Black wedding rings are not as timeless as other metal choices

MABELLA CZ Black Wedding Band Engagement Ring Sets Stainless Steel Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Size 7

Another thing to consider when purchasing black wedding rings is their durability. Although black rings are currently fashionable, they may not always be a fad.

Platinum, palladium, and white gold are some of the most popular wedding ring metals. They haven’t fallen out of style despite their age and popularity.

Buying a black wedding ring, whether tungsten or carbon fiber, may indicate that you are purchasing a ring that will soon be out of style.

4.Black wedding rings are one of the most requested styles

Black wedding bands are now very fashionable, but they were previously quite popular. During our most recent Wedding Band Weekend event, black wedding rings were requested far more frequently than in the past.

Although most individuals preferred gold or platinum, many guests just wanted to examine a black wedding band in person!

5.Black wedding rings are trending right now

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There are a lot of guys that come into looking for a wedding band with a dark black finish. With the growing popularity of the appearance, these bands, which are often made from tungsten, palladium (more of a gun metal gray) or carbon fiber, are very on-trend right now.

Men have been on the lookout for a more distinctive wedding band style that is distinct from their friends, and this trend has never been stronger.

Black wedding bands have a more aggressive and alternative appearance. Wedding rings are one of the few accessories that men may select for themselves and enjoy wearing.

Many males have chosen black wedding bands since they are in vogue, distinctive, and offer a more stark and smoldering appearance than lighter metals such as white gold or platinum. Black is an excellent color that goes with almost any outfit.

If you consider yourself a more modern, distinct person, black wedding bands are an excellent alternative to tradition.

6.Some black metals resist scratches

The fact that black wedding rings are made of tungsten or other hard metals means they will never bend or scratch is one of the finest aspects about them. Traditional wedding ring metals, such as gold and platinum, scratch easily.

However, tungsten will never dull unless you try to file it down. It’ll constantly look beautiful on your finger, as it did the day you got married.

Tungsten carbide is the most scratch-resistant material known to mankind. That’s why many laborers who spend all day with their hands love tungsten carbide.

7.Black wedding bands are hypoallergenic

You can sleep in black wedding ring without any problems if you are allergic to metals or develop allergies to metals in the future.

Black rings are also hypoallergenic, in the same way as white gold. If you’re allergic to gold accessories, for example, you may wear a tungsten ring without fear of an adverse reaction.

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