Can Labradorite Get Wet? My Honest, Tested Answer

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Labradorite is probably one of the most beautiful pieces in any person’s collection: It is naturally dark but, in certain lights, gives off iridescent glimmers of blue, green, red, orange, and yellow.

What I’m trying to say is that you definitely do not want to risk ruining labradorite’s stunning exterior by using the wrong methods to wash and cleanse it. This brings about the important question: Can labradorite get wet?

Yes, labradorite can get wet. However, as with most crystals, gems, stones, and minerals – you should use caution when putting labradorite in water.

While on my crystal and gem collecting journey, I managed to gather some useful tips and tricks when it comes to putting labradorite in water. So, if you’re new to the game—or you’re just genuinely interested in learning how to properly care for your labradorite—then this is the article for you!


Can Labradorite Get Wet?

Yes, labradorite can get wet.

According to the Mohs Hardness Scale—a tool used to determine whether a mineral is soft or hard—labradorite sits right between a 6 and 6.5 meaning that it is relatively hard and is not water soluble. Anything below a 5 is generally considered soft, which is worth noting because this means that labradorite is just on the brink between a soft and hard mineral.

So, there are some extra precautions you can take when it comes to getting your labradorite wet.

For instance, it is best to rinse labradorite in filtered or tap water rather than placing it directly in a water bath for an extended period of time. Water baths can eventually cause labradorite to crack and fall apart.

Additionally—because of the fact that labradorite typically has a polish or oil on its exterior when purchased from a local shop—water baths can end up dulling labradorite and make it lose its beautiful color. It’s a shame when labradorite loses its color since that is basically what it’s known for: Its iridescence and reflective beauty.

Can Labradorite Be in Salt?

Although you might hear people suggesting that saltwater baths are the best way to recharge labradorite’s energetic properties, putting any stone, gem, crystal, or mineral in saltwater ultimately just deteriorates it quicker than regular water.

If you really feel that salt is necessary for recharging your labradorite, then it is safer to simply place it on a bed of salt rather than immersing it in a full-on saltwater bath. This way, you don’t have to worry about salt getting stuck in any cracks on your labradorite’s surface and corroding it.

Can Labradorite Be in the Sun?

Collectors do not only choose to get their labradorite wet in order to clean it but also as a method to reenergize it. Yet—if you are hesitant about getting your labradorite wet—there are some other methods of reenergizing it such as burying it in the dirt, placing it next to plants, and meditating around it.

Sunlight is another popular method of reenergizing labradorite, but is it safe?

Yes, it is safe to put your labradorite in the sun for a short amount of time.

Though, if you leave your labradorite in the sun for too long or you are sunbathing it excessively—every day, for instance—then you could risk dulling or fading its colors. Labradorite has a fairly dark base, so it may take time to notice that its colors are fading, but they can fade, nonetheless.

What is Labradorite Used for?

At this point, you might find yourself wondering why it’s even important to recharge your labradorite.

As with many crystals, stones, gems, and minerals, you need to recharge your labradorite so you can continue to benefit from its energetic properties. If you do not reenergize and cleanse labradorite, it can hold onto negative energy for quite some time.

And just what are the energetic properties associated with labradorite? Well, it’s associated with mysticism, cosmic energy, connecting with higher consciousness, and mental clarity. So, if you’re looking to enrich your internal life, labradorite is a safe option.

Labradorite is also believed to encourage creativity. If you’re in a creative slump, it may very well be beneficial to place a piece of labradorite in your workspace or home to allow creativity to flow freely once again.

However, it’s important to remember that if you do not properly cleanse your labradorite, these beneficial properties become clouded with negative energy and may no longer work.

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