Can Rose Quartz Go In Water? My Honest, Tested Answer (2022)

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Rose quartz is an essential piece to add to your crystal, stone, gem, and mineral collection: It’s a stunning pastel pink oftentimes laced with small veins of white.

To keep your rose quartz in peak condition, you may find yourself wanting to give it the occasional rinse in water, which begs the question: Can rose quartz go in water?

When I began doing research on how to care for my own rose quartz, I quickly found that this is a question of hot debate!

Some believe soaking rose quartz in water is perfectly acceptable and ideal for keeping it clean, while others think water may actually cause it harm.

Depending upon how you feel about your rose quartz and what your intention is with it, you could go either way when it comes to putting it in water. There are truths to both sides of the debate, which I discuss further in this article.


What are the Benefits of putting Rose Quartz in Water?

As with many crystals, gems, stones, and minerals, there are some benefits to putting your rose quartz in water. However, it is completely up to you to decide whether the benefits of putting rose quartz in water outweigh the drawbacks.

Water Keeps Rose Quartz Physically Clean

Of course, the main benefit of putting stones, crystals, gems, and minerals in water is that it keeps them clean. So, if keeping your rose quartz physically clean is a high priority for you, then you can easily rinse it off on a daily basis or leave it for longer periods of time in a water bath.

On the Mohs Hardness Scale, rose quartz sits between a 6 and 7 meaning that it is relatively hard in comparison to some other minerals that land between 1 and 5. What this means is that you’re not going to ruin a piece of rose quartz by letting it sit in water unless you are doing it excessively.

Water Recharges Rose Quartz

Water is generally the easiest way to recharge stones, crystals, gems, and minerals since it only takes one or two minutes a day to do so. If you have a large collection, then using water to recharge your rose quartz might be a time saver and the best way to rid it of negative energy.

There are alternative methods to recharging rose quartz such as doing a meditative practice in the presence of rose quartz, performing intentional breathing, or placing it next to other stones or crystals so they can charge one another.

What are the Drawbacks of putting Rose Quartz in Water?

Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks if you choose to put your rose quartz in water. It is also worth noting that the drawbacks that follow apply to pretty much all crystals, stones, gems, and minerals when put in water.

Rose Quartz can Crack in Water

Yes, if rose quartz is left in water for long enough, it can become brittle and crack. This often happens over a very long period of time, though. So, if you consistently use your rose quartz and find yourself rinsing it in water often, it is only natural to expect some wear-and-tear, as with any item that gets used frequently.

The Color may Fade

When you purchase stones, gems, crystals, and minerals from local shops—as I tend to do with my own collection—you can’t get around the fact that they will likely have a layer of finish, polish, or oil in order to make them more appealing to the buyer.

As a result, it is much more likely that you can see the classic rose quartz color fade and dull over time if you use water to wash it and recharge it. If you are afraid of your rose quartz losing its shine, there is always the option to have it refinished or rebuffed by a specialist.

What is the Purpose of Rose Quartz?

It’s possible that you may have purchased rose quartz without being fully aware of its energetic properties. I’m happy to tell you that rose quartz has a plethora of energetic properties that can help you on a day-to-day basis!

Rose quartz is known to be a love stone: It promotes love and joy, emotional and physical healing, compassion for others, compassion for the self, and understanding.

Because it has such a strong energetic purpose, you may decide that you are fine with putting your rose quartz in water because of how often you use it and the benefits you gain from keeping it energized.

Can rose quartz go in salt water?

No, rose quartz can’t go in salt water.

The reason is that the high percentage of salt would make your rose quartz become brittle much faster than in fresh water, and thus it’s not advisable to take the rose quarts there.

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