How Much is the Cullinan Diamond Worth? (You’ll NEVER Guess Who Owns It!)

Last Updated on September 9, 2022

Every diamond is precious and beautiful. But there are some that are worth more than anyone expects.

Let’s take a look as to what makes this particular diamond so valuable!


Who Owns the Cullinan Diamond?

The Cullinan Diamond is actually surrounded by history. This diamond has been held in possession by royalty for years.

Currently, the Cullinan belongs to the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II. But it isn’t one solid gem!

Queen Elizabeth II’s scepter, crown and personal jewelry have all nine main pieces of the diamond set in them. So, the Queen actually owns all nine of the largest pieces of this incredible diamond.

When the diamond was first presented to England, it was insured for $1,250,000. Today, that amount equates to $123,000,000! However, the Cullinan could easily be worth more, as it has never been properly assessed.

How Much is the Cullinan Diamond Worth?

The Cullinan is known as one of the largest diamonds in history. Originally, it weighed 3,106 carats. Today, The Cullinan is worth around $400 million, but it was once worth over $2 million!

However, the Cullinan isn’t one solid gemstone anymore. Instead, the Cullinan was cut into 105 pieces. Nine of the largest pieces were purchased and gifted by royalty over the years.

Out of the original 3,106 carats, the Queen of England owns 1,055 of those carats. But because the diamond has been cut into smaller pieces, it’s difficult to estimate its total value.

What is Queen Elizabeth’s Crown Worth?

Partly due to the second Cullinan diamond, the Imperial State Crown is worth around $39 million. Combined with the other Crown Jewels, the estimated worth is around $4 billion. However, the jewels have never been appraised, so they are considered priceless!

This crown has over 2,000 diamonds and 200 pearls set in it! 

The crown the Queen is seen wearing in photos is the St. Edward’s Crown. She has only worn this crown for special occasions. The crown is built with five pounds of gold worth over $100,00 alone.

How Many Diamonds Does Queen Elizabeth Have?

British royalty own over 100 objects that in total contain over 23,000 precious jewels on them. The St. Edward’s Crown is adorned several gems, including aquamarine, topaz, rubies, sapphires, and garnet.

Other objects that the precious diamonds are set in include the scepter and Sovereign’s’ orb. The Queen is also the owner of the Koh-i-Nur diamond.

This diamond is one of the most precious diamonds in the world. This diamond is set in the crown of Queen Elizabeth. There is even a legend attached to it that it would bring bad luck if a man were to wear it!

Did the Queen Pay for the Cullinan Diamond?

No, the Cullinan Diamond was actually passed down to Queen Elizabeth II as she took the throne.

The Cullinan was first presented to King Edward VII, in 1907. After his death in 1910, King George V had the first two largest pieces of the Cullinan set in the scepter and Imperial State Crown.

The Cullinan VI and VII were then purchased privately and then gifted to Queen Mary in 1910. Then, in 1953, these too were passed on to the next Queen.

Can the Queen Sell the Crown Jewels?

No, the Crown Jewels are property of the United Kingdom government. Technically, the Queen merely “borrows” the Jewels.

This is because George III was the one to give the jewels over to the government. This was done so that taxpayers would pay to maintain them.

So, basically the government loans out the Crown Jewels to the royal family when they’re needed.

Where Does the Queen Keep Her Jewels?

The Crown Jewels are surprisingly not held in a vault! Instead, they are stored at the Tower of London.

This is because the jewels hold significant historical value. So, you can actually visit the Tower of London and see the Crown Jewels in person.  

The Crown Jewels are still in use today for national ceremonies, including the State Opening of Parliament and coronation. When not in use, the Crown Jewels are kept under strict security by armed guards.

What is the Most Expensive Diamond?

While the Cullinan diamond is definitely one of the most valued diamonds in history, they haven’t been sold in decades. So, what diamonds could possibly be as valuable as the Cullinan?

One of the most expensive diamonds to ever be sold is the Pink Star diamond. The Pink Star was sold in 2017 at the price of $71 million. It’s total weight is 59.6 carats.

But even with such a high price point, the Koh-i-Nur diamond is still revered as one of the most expensive. At 109 carats, weighing at 21.6 grams, this diamond is the main jewel on the Queen’s crown.

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