Does Cubic Zirconia Turn Green? (Quick Answer & Tips)

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Authentic Cubic Zirconia does not turn your skin green; however, a low-quality imitation might be because it has brass and copper inclusions. Some Cubic Zirconia has gold, silver, or rhodium plating on the bands, which means it tarnishes and makes skin green when the plating wears off.

If you are an owner of Cubic Zirconia jewelry, you might be interested in learning more about this synthetic gemstone as well as other frequently asked questions about it.

  • How do you keep Cubic Zirconia from turning green?
  • Does Cubic Zirconia turn colors?
  • Does Cubic Zirconia tarnish?
  • Can you wear Cubic Zirconia in the shower?
  • Does Cubic Zirconia sparkle like a diamond?


Does Cubic Zirconia Turn Green?

Low-quality Cubic Zirconia can turn skin green because of copper and brass. Cubic Zirconia plated with gold, silver, or rhodium can also cause a similar reaction, especially when the plating wears off.

However, authentic and high-quality Cubic Zirconia will not turn skin green. In fact, Cubic Zirconia is non-toxic and will not cause any adverse reactions when in contact with the skin.

Cubic Zirconia is a man-made and synthetic gemstone that is created to resemble a diamond. It is often used as an affordable alternative to diamonds for jewelry. Made from zirconium dioxide, Cubic Zirconia can undergo several treatments and be cut into different shapes and used for a variety of jewelry pieces.

Along with its affordability, authentic Cubic Zirconia is known for its resistance to tarnishing and does not turn green when in contact with the skin.

However, it has many low-quality and counterfeit versions that are commonly sold on the market. Low-quality Cubic Zirconia usually contains copper and brass and more impurities than authentic ones, leading to skin discoloration. Not only does it cause green marks on the skin, but it also tarnishes, causing it to lose its luster and shine.

Additionally, Cubic Zirconia that is plated with gold, silver, or rhodium can also turn the skin green because of the tarnishing process. The plating will eventually wear off over time, and when it does, the Cubic Zirconia underneath will cause a reaction with your skin.

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How Do You Keep Cubic Zirconia from Turning Green?

The best way to prevent Cubic Zirconia from turning the skin green is by making sure you purchase authentic and high-quality Cubic Zirconias. These stones will not have any copper or brass inclusions and will be resistant to tarnishing.

If you already own Cubic Zirconia jewelry, you can also take some preventative steps to keep it from turning green. One way is by cleaning and polishing your jewelry regularly. This will remove any dirt or oils that might cause the Cubic Zirconia to tarnish.

You can also remove your Cubic Zirconia jewelry during activities that might cause it to get dirty or wet. For example, you should take your jewelry off before showering or swimming.

Does Cubic Zirconia Turn Colors?

Yes, Cubic Zirconia can turn colors, especially during the cutting process when the stone is exposed to high heat. Moreover, prolonged exposure to UV rays can also cause Cubic Zirconia to change colors over time.

Does Cubic Zirconia Tarnish?

Typically, genuine Cubic Zirconia won’t tarnish at any point due to its solid composition.

However, a range of low-quality Cubic Zirconia stones on the market may tarnish over time due to various reasons, such as brass and copper content, worn off plating, oxidization, or cheap quality metal alloys used in the production of the stone. These low-quality Cubic Zirconias are also prone to turn the wearer’s skin green.

Can You Wear Cubic Zirconia in the Shower?

It is not recommended to wear Cubic Zirconia jewelry when showering because it may ruin the jewelry and reduce its lifespan. When Cubic Zirconia has been exposed to too much moisture, it may start to deteriorate over time.

Although it is a durable material, it’s still vulnerable when exposed to certain elements such as water.

To avoid any damage or discoloration, you should always take off your Cubic Zirconia jewelry before showering or swimming in pools, seaside beaches, or any other bodies of water.

Does Cubic Zirconia Sparkle Like Diamond?

Cubic Zirconia is often compared to diamond because of its similar appearance; however, Cubic Zirconia doesn’t have the same fire and brilliance as diamonds do. Diamonds reflect pure white light, while Cubic Zirconia reflects rainbow colors.

Cubic Zirconia also doesn’t have the same clarity as diamonds and are more prone to showing inclusions under magnification because of their synthetic origins.

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