Emerald vs Radiant Cut Diamonds 

Last Updated on August 5, 2022

Popular, modern, and unique, emerald and radiant cut diamonds are steadily becoming some of the most beloved diamond cuts for engagement rings.

With a distinctive shape and an impressive appearance, it’s no wonder so many people are drawn to emerald and radiant cut diamonds.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of emerald and radiant cut diamonds.

KUYIUIF Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia Ring 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Wedding Ring with Emerald Cut Cubic Zirconia Simulated Diamond Wedding Engagement Ring (6)


About Emerald Cut Diamonds

14K White Gold 0.88 Carat LAB GROWN IGI CERTIFIED DIAMOND Twisting Infinity Gold and Diamond Split Shank Pave Set Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (H-I Color VS1-VS2 Clarity 0.75 Ct Center)

Emerald cut diamonds have a distinctive octagonal shape with four sides of equal length plus four rounded corners in a 1.3-1.5 length-to-width ratio.

Emerald cut diamonds have 57 facets that radiate from the center toward the edge of the stone in a step-like pattern, creating a hall of mirrors effect. Emerald diamonds can be rectangular or square in shape. 

Pros of Emerald Cut Diamonds


Emerald cut diamonds are relatively durable. Because the edges of this diamond cut are rounded, there’s less chance of snagging on exterior items. Emerald cut diamonds are also less prone to chipping than other cuts of diamonds.

However, emerald cut diamonds are less durable than round or oval cut diamonds. The durability of emerald cut diamonds can be increased by selecting a complementary setting style and choosing a stone with fewer inclusions near the edges of the stone. 


Emerald cuts diamonds are the fifth most popular diamond cut. In fact, 3% of all engagement rings feature an emerald cut diamond, making it an excellent choice for individuals looking for a unique yet trendy cut. 


Emerald cut diamonds are more affordable than other cuts of diamonds, with prices averaging 5-21% less than radiant cut diamonds. 

Prices for emerald cut diamonds depend on a variety of factors, including diamond clarity, color, and carat but are typically more affordable than cuts of comparable quality. 

Cons of Emerald Cut Diamonds 


Because of the distinctive shape of emerald cut diamonds, light performance is lower than other cuts. This is because the emerald shape fails to capture light as well as other cuts, delivering a muted sparkle. 

However, emerald cut diamonds paired with a halo setting and smaller brilliant diamonds can increase the overall sparkle of the ring. 


Emerald cut diamonds have 57 facets that are larger than other cuts of diamonds. Because the facets in an emerald cut diamond are significant, flaws in the stone are more visible than in other cuts.

The large facets in an emerald cut diamond can also result in diminished clarity, which can make the stone appear yellow in color depending on the grade of the stone. Because of this, it’s recommended to purchase emerald cut diamonds with a clarity grade of J or above.

About Radiant Cut Diamonds 

Kobelli Radiant-cut Moissanite Engagement Ring 3 CTW 14k White Gold, Size 7.5, White Gold

Created by combining the most desirable attributes of emerald and round cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds are quickly gaining popularity.

Similar to emerald cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds have an octagonal shape with cropped corners and smooth edges. 

Radiant cut diamonds feature 70 facets cut into various shapes and sizes to deliver an impressive sparkle. Radiant diamonds are available in both rectangular and square shapes with a length-to-width ratio of 1.00-1.03 (square) and 1.20-1.30 (rectangle).

Pros of a Radiant Cut Diamond


With 70 facets of varying shapes and sizes, radiant cut diamonds deliver an impressive sparkle with spectacular brilliance and fire. Because the facets reduce the amount of leaked light, radiant cut diamonds exhibit a much more impressive sparkle than other cuts of diamonds.

Additionally, radiant diamonds appear larger than other cuts of diamonds with similar carat amounts.


Radiant cut diamonds are reasonably durable and are less likely to snag on clothing or external items due to the rounded edges. 

However, just like emerald cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds can be susceptible to chipping and should be paired with an appropriate setting style to reduce the risk of damage.

Cons of Radiant Cut Diamonds


Radiant cut diamonds are steadily growing in popularity but are still less in demand than other diamond cuts, including emerald, cushion, and princess cuts. 

With 2% of all engagement rings featuring radiant cut diamonds, this cut of a diamond is unique but less desirable than other brilliant cuts.


Because of the unique characteristics of the facets in radiant cut diamonds, customers can expect to pay a higher price compared to other diamond cuts, making radiant cut diamonds out of budget for some individuals.

However, the price of a radiant cut diamond is justified by its ability to deliver a brilliant sparkle. 

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