How Much is 1904 Half-Dollar Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Officially the half dollars have been in production since 1794, and there have been different changes to them over the period of years. The half dollars minted in 1904 have been something every type of collector looks for despite not being that rare. Here in this article, we’ve talked about where the value of the 1904 half dollar stands now.

How Much is 1904 Half-Dollar Worth?

If the 1904 coin is present in an average condition, then it’s most likely to sell for approximately 21 dollars. However, a lot of factors such as the condition, grade, and rarity can change that price and make it go up.

One of the reasons why the 1904 half dollar is still quite famous is due to the amount of silver it contains; it’s composed of 90 percent silver while the rest of the 10 percent is copper. The total weight of this coin is 12.50 grams, with the silver component being .36169 oz; melted, the silver bullion value is worth at least 7.87 dollars.

The 1904 half dollar was produced in three multiple locations, including Philadelphia, where 2,992,000 quantity of coins were minted, while the other two being New Orleans which minted around 1,117,600 coins, and San Francisco, which produced the smallest amount of 553,038.

The mint mark is present on coins minted from New Orleans And San Francisco, the former being denoted by “O,” and the latter is denoted by the letter “S.” You can find these mint marks beneath the eagle present on the reverse side of the coin.

As mentioned previously, the value of the coins varies according to the condition and grade they’re present in. Although, no matter what, the coins always are worth higher than their face value which is 0.50 dollars, due to the silver content. The ones minted in Philadelphia with no mint marks are estimated to have a value of around 22 dollars in good condition.

You can sell or buy a 1904 half dollar for 135 dollars in very fine condition, whereas the coin in extremely good condition can be worth up to 200 dollars. When present in an uncirculated condition, these coins can sell up to 550 dollars with a grade of MS 60 and 900 dollars with an MS 60 grade.

The half dollars which are denoted by the mint mark “O” are valued to be of 32 dollars if in a good condition. A very fine condition of these coins can be worth for 360 dollars. The value of these coins increases as the condition gets even better. For example, in an extremely fine condition, you can get it for 550 dollars, while the uncirculated versions of grade MS 60 and MS 63 have the price of 1700 dollars and 3900 dollars, respectively.

One of the rare finds is the 1904 S half dollar which makes it much more valuable compared to the rest of the coin versions. In just good condition, the coin is worth up to 70 dollars while in a very fine condition the value goes up till 1200 dollars and in an extremely good condition, its price is 2100 dollars. The coins present in an uncirculated condition are worth a whopping 14,500 dollars in MS 60 grade and 19,000 dollars with a grade of MS 63.

Proof coins of the 1904 half dollars are also found but contain no mint mark. A single coin in a PR 63 condition is worth up to around 1100 dollars.

What Year Is the Most Valuable Half Dollar?

One of the rarest half dollars is the proof coins produced by the US Mint back in 1839, known as the Liberty Seal half dollar. There were only six of these proof coins that were minted, thus making them of high value in a collector’s eye. The value of this coin can go up to at least a quarter of a million dollars, which is for sure a lot of money!

Apart from that, other coins which have a lot of worth attached to them include the ones produced in 1919 with the mint mark “D,” which is known as the Walking Liberty half dollar, and the 1827 Proof capped bust coins. These half dollar coins have incredible value when found in pristine condition!

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