How Much Is 1918 Penny Worth?

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

The 1918 penny series is a favorite of many collectors due to the various rare pieces. This coin’s worth is $0.20 to $900 per piece. The value depends on various factors such as condition and grading.

If you want to learn more about this coin’s worth, you’re in the correct place. Here is everything you need to know about it.

1918 Lincoln Wheat Cent D Penny Good


How Much Is 1918 Penny Worth?

The starting value of a 1918 penny is $0.20 in a good, circulated condition without a mint mark. You will get about $0.60 for a fine coin and $3.3 for an extremely fine 1918 penny.

These values are for pennies in circulated condition and without a mint mark. The absence of marking indicates that the coin was produced in Philadelphia under the standard minting process.

The 1918 penny also comes in nearly uncirculated versions. You can get about $9.10 for one coin in this category. The penny is also available in MS 60 and MS 63 gradings.

You will get $18 for an MS 60 penny without a mint mark, while the value rises to $31 for an MS 63 coin.

How Much Is 1918 S Penny Worth?

The 1918 S penny is worth $0.60 in good condition, $2.30 in fine state, and $13 in extremely fine condition. This coin has an S mint mark that indicates the coin was produced in San Francisco. 

You can expect the quality of this penny to be high, so the value is also greater than other coins. The nearly uncirculated version of this penny is worth $36, while the MS 60 version has a value of $90.

However, you will get the most value for MS 63 1918 S penny. The worth of this coin is $205.

How Much Is 1918 D Penny Worth?

1918 Lincoln Wheat Cent D Penny Good

The 1918 D penny is worth $0.80 in good condition and $2.80 in fine condition. You can also earn about $13 by selling this coin in an extremely fine state with no visible surface marks.

This coin’s nearly uncirculated version is also worth higher than the other nearly uncirculated types. You can get about $39 per piece for such type. The MS 60-graded 1918 penny is also worth high, with a value of $91.

The MS 63 version of this coin is worth a bit less than MS 63 S penny. This D penny will get you about $160 in MS 63 grading. The mint mark indicates that the coin has been produced in Denver.

How Much Is 1918 MS 65 Penny Worth?

MS 65 grading is relatively rare when it comes to 1918 penny because only a few thousand pieces were made. You can get about $200 to $250 for such a coin in circulated condition.

However, you can earn up to $700 to $900 for an MS 65 1918 penny in uncirculated condition at an auction. An MS 65 penny with a D mark usually has a starting value of $500.

What Makes A 1918 Penny Rare?

The 1918 penny can be rare because of various things, such as condition, type, presence of a mint mark, and grading. A coin in a good state has the lowest price, while an extremely fine state has the highest value.


Uncirculated types are also worth more than circulated varieties. This is because the former does not contain scratches, dents, or signs of usage. The nearly uncirculated variety of a 1918 penny is also valued at a higher price.

Mint Mark

The mint mark also affects the value of your 1918 penny because it is synonymous with quality and the minting process. No mark indicates the coin was made using the standard procedure and is of good quality.

S mark indicates San Francisco production, which means that the coin was made using a fine minting process. Meanwhile, Denver 1918 pennies are the best because of their excellent design, bolder lines, and high-quality luster.


The 1918 penny mainly has four gradings. The MS 60 coin is worth the least, while MS 67 coin has the highest value. Besides that, MS 63 penny has a higher worth than MS 60 penny but less than other graded pennies.

MS 65 1918 penny is also worth high because of the rarity. You can get up to $900 for this coin. 

Meanwhile, the most valuable 1918 penny comes under the MS 67 category. The MS 67 1918 D penny is worth $54,000 to $62,000 at auctions.

What Are The Errors Of A 1918 Penny?

1918 S Lincoln Wheat Cent Penny Seller Very Good Details

The errors on 1918 pennies can also make a coin rare. You can get about $20 per piece for a penny with an off-center error. Another mistake that adds to the value is a die crack.

Bumps are seen when a coin has a die crack error. Such a 1918 penny will allow you to earn $10 to $20 per piece. You will get a relatively higher value if the error is significant.

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