How Much Is 1919 Penny Worth?

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

A 1919 penny can be valuable if you have the right piece. The value of this coin ranges from $0.22 to above $1,840. The exact worth of the coin depends on its type and grading.

If you’re looking for information about the worth of the 1919 penny, your search ends now. Below we have detailed everything about it.


How Much Is 1919 Penny Worth?

The average value of a 1919 penny is $0.22 to $1,840. This coin has the lowest value in circulated good condition. You can get about $0.22 for such a penny.

This figure will rise to $0.43 if your penny is in fine condition and $3.49 in an extremely fine state. The coin may also be available in MS 60 and MS 63 conditions.

The value of a 1919 penny with MS 60 grading is $16, while the MS 63 version is worth $30. All these values are mainly for coins without a mint mark.

Meanwhile, 1919 pennies with mint marks have a value of $0.22 to $128. These coins include pieces with S or D mint marks.

How Much Is A 1919 S Penny Worth?

The 1919 S pennies were made in San Francisco using a high-quality minting process. So they have a relatively higher value in the circulated state. You can get $0.22 for such a coin in good condition.

This value will rise to $1.11 if the penny is in fine condition. Meanwhile, the worth of an extremely fine 1919 S coin is $6.48. This penny also comes in MS 60 and MS 63 gradings.

The MS 60 version of the 1919 S penny is worth $54 per piece. This value will increase to $128 per piece for an MS 63 coin.

How Much Is A 1919 D Penny Worth?

1919 pennies were also made in Denver and contain a D mint mark to indicate the site of production. Such coins are worth $0.54 to $118 per piece.

The value for a 1919 D penny in good condition is $0.54. This worth will increase to $1.11 for coins in fine condition. You will get about $11 for a 1919 D penny in an extremely fine state.

This coin also has a nearly uncirculated version with little to no scuff marks. Such a penny is worth $35 per piece. The highest values you will get are for MS 60 and MS 63 D pennies.

The MS 60 D penny is worth $72, while the same penny with MS 63 grading is valued at $118 per piece.

How Much Is A Doubled Die 1919 Penny Worth?

A 1919 penny may have a significant error called doubled die. This mistake involves doubling in the date and phrase engraving of the coin. Such a coin has a significantly high value because of the demand by collectors.

This penny without a mint mark is worth more than $8 in uncirculated condition. Meanwhile, you will get more than $45 for an uncirculated 1919 doubled die penny with an S mint mark.

The same penny with a D mint mark has a value of more than $55 per piece. These prices can rise to a few hundred dollars when getting from an auction or selling at an auction.

This error is also easy to observe because double engraving is significantly different from standard engraving.

What Is The Value Of Uncirculated 1919 Penny?

The standard 1919 pennies without errors are also available in uncirculated conditions. These have a higher value because such coins do not contain any dents or scratches. Uncirculated pennies are also not used for financial transactions.

A 1919 penny without a mint mark is worth $0.15 in good, uncirculated condition. You will get about $0.35 for the same coin in a fine state and $2.60 for extremely fine pennies. 

Uncirculated 1919 pennies also come in MS 65 grading. The coins without mint marks and this grading value are worth $335.

The 1919 uncirculated penny is also available with the S mint mark. You can get $0.25 for such coins in good condition and $1.15 in fine condition. The extremely fine version of this penny has a value of $5.25.

Meanwhile, the 1919 S penny with MS 65 grading is worth $475. The same coin with a D mark and MS 65 grading has a value of $1,190.

The value for a 1919 D in an uncirculated state is worth $0.60 in good condition. You will get about $1 for the same coin in a fine state and $10 per piece in extremely fine condition. 

The penny can also sell for $52 per piece if the condition is brilliant.

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