How Much Is A 1921 Silver Dollar Worth? (Collector’s Guide)

Last Updated on March 9, 2022

In case, you didn’t know there are two different types of 1921 silver dollars: the Morgan and Peace series. The value of money you can get from this collection depends on the type of silver dollar made in 1921 you have.

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How much is a 1921 silver dollar worth?

You can get $62 if your 1921 silver dollar is in good condition and $72 for fine condition. Meanwhile, $93 if it’s graded extremely fine condition and $218 in uncirculated condition.

Morgan silver dollar on the other hand is $23.68 if it’s graded in good condition. $24.54 for fine, $27.24 for extremely fine and $43.59 for uncirculated condition. 

For the Morgan silver dollar 1921 D series, expect $23.68 if it’s in good condition, $24.54 if it’s in fine condition while for $27.24 for extremely fine and $47.75 for uncirculated condition.

For the 1921 S series, in condition can take $23.68, $24.54 for fine condition, $27.24 for extremely fine and expect $47.75 in uncirculated condition.

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar (BU) - Random Mint $1 Brilliant Uncirculated

What’s the difference between a Morgan and peace silver dollar?

The most common one is the Morgan silver and it features an obverse design of miss liberty and reverse of an eagle. The designer of the Morgan silver dollar was George T. Morgan.

Most people have 1921 Morgan dollars that are in worn and circulated condition however coin collectors go for uncirculated condition.

The 1921 peace silvers on the other hand are only relatively common and scarce. The obverse features a young Miss Liberty and the reverse shows a bald eagle. This coin was designed by  Anthony de Francis.

What is the meaning of the different conditions of the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar? 

In uncirculated condition a 1921 Morgan silver dollar has all the minted details and none exposed to wear and tear. The price for this condition is a little higher since it is the top range condition.

For instance, if the dealer says your Morgan silver dollar has started showing slight wear but the condition is still crisp and very sharp, it means your dollar is extremely fine.

If it has moderate wear with clear visibility and there are several noticeable flat parts on the tails and head, then the coin is graded find.The value you will get from this will be slightly lower than that in extremely fine conditions.

If your Morgan silver dollar has lost most of its details then it is graded in good condition.

What is the meaning of the different conditions of the 1921 Piece Silver Dollar? 

An extremely fine 1921 piece silver dollar is slightly worn out with some flatness. Roundness of the design remains the same and strands of Miss Liberty’s hair still look good.

It is in fine condition if it is flatting and has some smoothness while a coin that has plenty of wears is graded good condition.

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