How Much Is 1934 Dime Worth?

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

The 1934 dime is popular as the Mercury Dimes. They were known this due to their color and appearance. It is one of the favorite coins for collectors to have in their collection. 

However, there is a lot to know about the 1934 dime. Therefore, keep reading as here is a complete guide to help you out. 

1934 Winged Liberty Head or"Mercury" (1916-1945) Dime Very Good


How Much Is 1934 Dime Worth?

The 1934 dime that has no mintmark present is worth $2 in good condition and $3 in very good condition. But for an extremely fine condition, the value can go up to $6. 

However, in uncirculated condition with MS60 grade the dime can have a value of about $35. On the other hand, the MS65 grade dime is worth somewhere around $65. 

The other variant of the 1934 dime is with a D mintmark and in good condition, it is worth around $3. In very good condition the value can be around $5. But in extremely fine conditions the value can be up to $10. 

Lastly, in uncirculated condition with MS60 grade the dime is worth around $70. On the other hand, the value can go up to $100w with an MS65 grade. 

Who Is The Designer Of 1934 Dime?

1934 No Mint Mark Mercury Dime Seller Very Good

The designer of 1934 is Adolph A. Weinman. Weinman was one of the best designers, sculptors, and coin engravers that the US has ever seen. Not only coins but Weinman has designed many famous medals and sculptures for the US. 

Other than the 1934 dime, Weinman designed the Walking Liberty half dollar. Both the dimes and half dollars are now popular due to their quality design and uniqueness. That is also the reason why these coins have a high value. 

What Is On The Obverse Side of 1934 Dime?

The obverse is also known as the front side of a coin. The obverse side of the 1934 dime has a portrait of Liberty engraved right in the center of the coin. Above the portrait, there is “LIBERTY” engraved all around the above corners. 

On the bottom side of the dime ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ is engraved around the left half. And right under the neck of the Liberty portrait the year 1934 is engraved. 

That is all you can see on the obverse side of a coin. 

What Is On The Reverse Side of 1934 Dime?

1934 No Mint Mark Mercury Dime Seller Very Good

The reverse side of the 1934 dime has a portrait of Roman fasces engraved with olive branches all around it. The olive branches were engraved to represent peace in the US. 

Around the corners, you can see the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA engraved covering mostly the half corners of the dime. On the bottom corner, the denomination ONE DIME was added by the designer. 

Lastly, you can see the US motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM” right next to the portrait of Roman fasces. 

What To Do When Considering Buying 1934 Dime?

This is an interesting question and important for everyone to know about. If you are considering buying a 1934 dime or any other old coin there are many things that you have to know about. Here are the main things that you should do at any cost. 

1. Learn About the Coin You Are Considering Buying

When you have decided to buy a coin it is time to learn everything you can about it. Every small detail can help you get the right coin. Therefore, make sure to get as much information as you can. 

2. Always Be Accompanied By An Expert

If you are going to any physical marketplace to get the coin it would be best if you had an expert right by your side. Trust us, it is going to help you a lot. 

The expert will help you verify if the coin is genuine and negotiate with the seller. In addition, the expert can help you understand if it is worth getting the coin you were considering or not. 

Therefore, don’t forget this step. 

3. Keep It Somewhere Safe

When you get the coin make sure to keep it somewhere safe. It isn’t any coin that you can keep in your change stash. It would be best to keep it in your locker and only take it out for regular polishing and cleaning purpose. 

What Is The 1934 Dime Made Up Of?

The metal composition of the dime is the same as the silver dollars of 1934. The dime contains 90% silver and just 10% copper. 

However, the size and silver weight is less than the silver or half dollars. Otherwise, there would’ve been no difference between the two denominations. 

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