How Much Is 1939 Dime Worth?

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

There is no doubt about the 1939 dime being one of the most valuable dimes of the 20th century. Many collectors like to have the 1939 dime in their collection. It is the best coin to invest and collect for the long run and with time the value appreciates. 

If you are thinking about that you’ve come to the right place. Here is a complete guide for the 1939 dime to help you learn more about it. 

1939 S Winged Liberty Head or"Mercury" (1916-1945) Dime Very Fine


How Much Is 1939 Dime Worth?

Their 1939 dime was minted in three mints so there are three variants that you will find. The 1939 dime with no mintmark has a value of around $2 to $3 in good and very good condition. In addition, if you are looking at an extremely fine condition dime that can be worth around $5.

On the other hand, in uncirculated conditions with an MS60 grade, the value of the dime can go up to $10 and $30 for an MS65 graded dime. Lastly, if you are looking to get a proof coin that would be worth somewhere around $500. 

The 1939 dime with D and S mintmark is worth around $2 in good and $3 in very good condition. But the extremely fine condition dime is worth around $5. 

However, in uncirculated conditions with MS60 grade the value can fall somewhere around $10 to $30. And $50 for the MS65 grade dime. 

What Are Proof Coins of 1939 Dime and Why Are They Valuable?

1939 S Winged Liberty Head or"Mercury" (1916-1945) Dime Very Fine

Proof coins are associated with the early samples that are produced by the mints to check the dye. They are produced to make sure everything is in place so the entire order can be completed without any error. 

The proof coins are never circulated and kept in the archive by the mint. The reason they are valuable is they are in the best condition you can find the dimes in. In addition, the proof coins are produced in small numbers and it is difficult to find them. 

With time very few dimes survive and are preserved by collectors. Therefore, the value goes up due to high demand. 

How Many 1939 Dimes Were Ever Minted?

The 1939 dimes were minted in three different mints and every mint had different quantities to produce. All the dimes minted by these mints were circulated in the economy with time. Here are the mints and quantity in the 1939 dimes that were produced. 

  • Philadelphia: 67,749,321
  • San Francisco: 10,540,000
  • Denver: 24,394,000

The total 1939 dime coins that were ever produced totals 102,683,321. This number includes every single dime that was produced in 1939 including the proof coins. 

How Many Proof Coins Were Produced of 1939 Dimes?

The proof coins are always produced in the lowest quantity and there were only 9,321 ever produced 1939 dimes. That is why they are so valuable and always appreciate value. 

However, some proof coins that are in remarkable condition with the highest grade can go up to $2,000. Every collector would want to get their hands on that coin. 

So, therefore, if you are looking to get a 1939 dime make sure to always for the proof coins. You wouldn’t regret that ever. 

What Is 1939 Dime Made Up Of?

The 1939 dime was made from a mixture of silver and copper. This unique mixture of such metals was followed for a long time in US coinage. But due to some factors silver was replaced with other metals. 

The 1939 dime contains 90% silver and just 10% copper. On the other hand, if have a 1939 dime in a bad condition there is something that you can do. 

You can always melt the dime to acquire the melt value depending on the silver weight of the coin. It may be a long process but if you have dimes in large quantities then it would be worth it. 

What Are The Specifications of 1939 Dime?

The specification of a 1939 dime refers to the technical information that you are looking of a coin. 1939 in weight is just 2.5 grams. The thickness of the coin is around 1.95mm.

Lastly, the diameter is around 17.91mm. This information will help you when you are looking to buy a 1939 dime and want to verify it. It is always recommended to make sure that the coin you are looking to buy is original. 

Many counterfeits are circulating in the market and we hope you don’t get one. Therefore, always have an expert by your side to help you authenticate the coin and verify it. 

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