How Much Is A 5 Gallon Jug Of Pennies Worth? (Answered)

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

If you have bags full of pennies, it can be a headache to count them all and keep track. Many people store pennies in a 5-gallon jug but forget to track the pennies stored. The 5-gallon jug may be a good option to store, but it is also important to know what they are worth.

Therefore, we are here to make it easier for you. So, keep reading to get a better idea of how much is a 5-gallon jug filled with pennies worth.


How Much Is A 5 Gallon Jug Of Pennies Worth?

If you fill a 5-gallon jug with pennies, they could be worth around $200 to $300. This is a rough number as it depends on how you store them. Some play like to store coins by wrapping them, and some pour them all in.

The rolling paper is a good option as it helps you help track the value of coins you are holding. In addition, it the best way to organize the pennies.

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How Many Pennies Can You Store in A 5 Gallon Jug?

There is no exact number of pennies that you can store in a 5-gallon jug. Roughly speaking, you can store around 20,000 to 30,000 pennies easily. The pennies, compared to other coins, are smaller in size. Therefore, it is easier for you to store them in a 5-gallon jug.

How Much Do 5 Gallons of Pennies Weigh?

This is an interesting question as after storing them in the jug, you do have to pick them up. So knowing the weight is going to give you a better idea of the energy you are going to need.

After filling the 5-gallon jug with pennies, it would weigh roughly 200 to 220 pounds. However, the size and the weight of the jug itself will be a factor here.

How Many Pennies Can You Fill Per Gallon?

You can fit around 5000 to 6000 pennies per gallon as a rough estimation. Make sure to organize them properly or roll the coins for more space. In addition, it would be best to get a gallon container that is wider in size. By that, you enjoy more space and easily fill it with pennies.

How Much Is A 5 Gallon Jug Filled With Quarters Worth?

A 5-gallon jug is a perfect container to store any denomination coins. It is a good option to fill a 5-gallon with quarters. However, the number of coins would be different as the size of a quarter is a bit bigger than a penny.

A 5-gallon jug filled to the top with quarters is worth around $3500 to $3700. Make sure to fill in properly to utilize the entire space.

Can You Sell A 5 Gallon Jug Filled with Pennies?

Nowadays, there is nothing that you cannot sell. Talking about pennies, you can sell them but will get a lower value than they are worth.

The best way is to go to a bank and get the change into dollars. By that, instead of coins, you will get notes, which would be easier for you to store and spend.

How Many Coin Rolls Can Fit In A 5 Gallon Jug?

Many people have the same questions, so they can have the number of coin rolling paper ready when they sit to fit the coins in the 5-gallon jug. Looking at the bucket size and cubic volume, you can easily fit around 700 to 740 rolls of coins. You can do more if you properly organize the rolls of coins.

Knowing how many coin rolls you can fit makes it easier for you to count. However, put the exact number of coins in every roll for an accurate value.

How Much Is The 5 Gallon Jug Itself Worth?

Getting a 5-gallon jug is not a problem at all. You can find them at any nearby supermarket. However, Home Depot or Walmart are the two best places to get a reliable and durable 5-gallon jug.

The jug is mainly made of plastic and is very affordable. You can find it ranging from $3 to $6 depending on the material quality and build.

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