How Much Is A Black Pearl Worth? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

Pearls are one of the most-loved gems by the audience because of the luxury vibes they offer. Their price varies depending on the type, condition, and other factors.

If you want to know more about a black pearl’s worth, you’re in the right place. Below we’ve detailed everything about it.


How Much Is A Black Pearl Worth?

Black pearls are one of the exotic varieties of this jewelry category. The price for a low-quality item is anywhere below $200. Meanwhile, the worth of black pearls in average condition is $200 to $600. The most expensive pearls come in fine quality and have a value of $1,000 to $36,000.

You may even encounter black pearls greater than $36,000. These are primarily in unused condition with no scratches. Remember that this price range is greater than the white counterparts. Black pearls are also more expensive than most other pearls on the market.

If you have a real black pearl in excellent condition, you can make a fortune from it. The greater the weight of your pearls, the higher their worth will be. The most expensive black pearl is the Cowdry Black Pearl Necklace. It was sold for $3 million the first time.

However, the value of pearls increased depending on the luster and condition. This is why the Cowdry Black Pearl Necklace was sold for $5.3 million for the second time. You should opt for selling your pearls at an auction instead of online shops if you want to earn high.

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How Rare Is A Black Pearl?

The primary reason behind a black pearl’s high price range is that it is one of the rarest types. An oyster with unusual black color in its nacre can produce white and black pearls. However, the occurrence of such encounters is extremely low. A black pearl occurs in only one in 10,000 pearls.

So most varieties you will encounter on the market will be dyed. This means finding a valuable black pearl will require a lot of research and effort. If you have such an item, you can easily make a fortune by getting the pearls appraised and selling them. A black pearl necklace will also help you earn more than listing individual pearls.

Are Black Pearls Real Pearls?

Some people consider black pearls fake because they believe such color does not exist. However, that is not true. These pearls are as real as their white counterparts and are produced naturally. They are mainly given by the Tahitian pearl oysters.

All black pearls are entirely natural and valuable except those with chocolate coloring. Such items are treated with organic dyes and reduce the value of a pearl. You can still earn a sufficiently high amount by selling a dyed pearl as long as it’s real.

How Can You Tell If Black Pearls Are Real?

The top way to authenticate a black pearl is by carrying out a tooth test. You should rub the item against one of your teeth to determine the texture. If you feel grittiness on your tooth like sandpaper, your black pearl is real and can be sold for a high price.

If the black pearls are fake, you will get a smooth feeling after rubbing. Another way to tell if your jewelry piece is real is by getting it checked by a dealer. The expert will inspect the pearls thoroughly and let you know whether it’s real. Some dealers may also grade the item and even give you an offer to purchase the pearls.

How Can I Tell If My Pearls Are Dyed?

Most pearls that have been dyed contain drill holes on their surface. You will have to look for the hole carefully and check the color of the pearls. If the item is natural and real, its shade will be found throughout the item’s length. So if you notice the nacre is white, but the surface color is different, it means your pearls are dyed.

Many black pearls are dyed because of their rare occurrence, but some may still be valuable. This depends on whether the dyed pearl is original or artificially made. Pearl necklaces also have a greater worth than other forms of this jewelry item. So you can still make a fortune if you show authentication proof to customers.

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