How Much Is Brass Worth?

Last Updated on June 14, 2022

Brass is a famous scrap material that many people sell or recycle. It’s worth about $1.25 to $2 per pound, depending on the type. The best part about this material is that it is used for various commercial purposes.

Whether you want to buy brass or sell it, you must understand its worth. It will help you get the best value for money. So here’s a guide to how much brass is worth.


How Much Is Brass Worth?

The average price of brass is $1.76 per pound, while brass scrap is worth $1.74 per pound. Your material’s type determines the exact value of this alloy. Brass is also worth $0.08 to $0.12 per ounce.

This material is also sold in kilos to various consumers. Clean brass is worth $0.93 to $1.56. Meanwhile, mixed brass has a value of $1.56 to $2.86 per kilo. The latter type is more durable with better quality, so it has a higher worth.

Here is a table to help you understand the price of different brass types in pounds:

Type Price Per Pound Price Per Ounce Price Per Ton
70/30 Brass $1.60 $0.10 $3,200
80/20 Brass $1.80 $0.11 $3,600
85/15 Brass $2.00 $0.12 $4,000
Red Brass $1.75 $0.11 $3,500
Mixed Brass $1.70 $0.11 $3,400
Yellow Brass $1.55 $0.10 $3,100
Brass Radiators $1.25 $0.08 $2,500

These are top brass types that will help you earn significantly if you have large and heavy scrap. This alloy is used more than other metals for producing various items.

How Does Brass Compare To Other Metals?

Brass is a mid-level material at various metal scrap yards. You will get a higher value than steel and aluminum for this alloy. However, brass is less valuable than copper and bronze.

It is a highly conductive alloy used in various electrical items. The material includes copper and zinc as the primary components. This is why it is also corrosion-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rust.

The earlier feature makes brass more suitable than other metals for commercial production. Jewelry of this material is also prevalent.

What Is The Difference Between Scrap And Antique Brass?

Scrap brass primarily comes from junk and old items. For instance, many boats have components of this material. If you get them in large quantities, you can sell them at a high price as scrap.

Meanwhile, antique brass is primarily sold to collectors at a significantly high value. This type is worth more than scrap items because people are willing to pay high for it. Jewelry, unique brass sculptures, and much more come under the antique category.

Typically, you can sell vintage brass for $10 to $1,000 per item. The figure can also be higher if you have larger and more decorative pieces.

How To Identify Brass?

Brass is famous material that many confuse with bronze. However, these two are different alloys with varying compositions and colors. A typical brass alloy is yellow in color but may appear reddish.

You can also identify brass through its shiny appearance that sometimes corresponds to a reddish look. This is mainly due to the high copper content of this material. The material is used for making ammunition, pumps, bearings, valves, ornamental castings, and much more.

A magnet test will also help you confirm the identity of a brass item. This material is non-ferrous, so bringing it close to a magnet will not result in attraction. The items will not stick, confirming that the item contains brass.

How Much Is Commercial Scrap Brass Worth?

Commercial brass includes various large items such as plumbing fixtures, boat parts, and marine equipment. If you have an old vessel, you may not know that you have valuable scrap. Selling it can easily allow you to earn a few thousand dollars due to the high value.

The best way to know whether your material is valuable is by getting it inspected. You may take it to different scrap yards to get quotes. There are also many commercial brass recyclers in the US.

These experts may help you understand your scrap’s worth to sell it at a high value. You can also recycle brass if your business involves producing items made of this material.

Why Should You Recycle Brass?

The top benefit of recycling brass is that it can help you earn more. You can produce new items using old materials. This will allow you to save on commercial costs while making a profit.

Brass value also fluctuates, so you may transform the material into a product and sell it when the worth is high. The best part is that this alloy can be recycled infinitely. So you can enjoy numerous benefits with time.

Recycling the material is also helpful for the environment because the alloy won’t be filling landfills. It also reduces the need to mine new material, decreasing the negative environmental impact. So selling your brass as a recycled material will help you earn profit while being climate-conscious.

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