How Much Is A Gold Coin With An Angel On Both Sides Worth?

Last Updated on June 14, 2022

Did you receive a coin with angels on both sides and are confused about what it is for? These coins are not of any currency and don’t have any monetary value. However, you can still see many people having these coins and circulating them to others. 

So what is this gold coin with an angel on both sides? Keep reading, and you will get to know everything there is to know about these coins.


How Much Is A Gold Coin With An Angel On Both Sides Worth?

This section is for you to get to see this coin a lot and be interested in its value. The coins with an angel on both sides don’t have any monetary value as they are not of the official currency. 

In addition, these are not even coins but tokens gifted in good faith. There is a lot to know about these tokens if you are unaware.

What Is The Coin With An Angel On Both Sides?

Catholic Relief Services circulate these coins or tokens for good luck. They are mainly known as tokens and barely have any value. However, these are common coins, so the rareness can’t affect the coin’s value. 

The token with angels on both sides is handed out to give people faith that God is with them all the time and that they shouldn’t fear anything. In addition, it brings peace of mind to the bearer, which may be a good value for the coin. 

If These Coins Are Made Out Of Gold, Why Aren’t They Worth Anything?

The coins with angels on both sides have a great gold color and brighten the entire time. However, that doesn’t mean that the coins or tokens are gold. These are made with brass, and it is just a gold finish that gives them such color. 

There is 0% gold content used in the making of these tokens. Therefore, the coin’s appearance is just deceiving due to the shine. 

Is There Anything Engraved On This Coin?

Having angels on both sides of the coin, many people try to find something written to know more about it. Well, that is disappointing for them as no word is engraved on any side of the coin. Instead, you will only find the angles engraved on each side of the coin. 

However, some relief services may engrave “In God We Trust,” and that is it. Unfortunately, the coin is small, so you don’t get much space to do the engravings and other additional things. 

Can I Get My Custom Coin With Angels On Both Sides?

If you want to donate these types of coins to any services you like, you can. However, it is essential to talk to the relief services supervisor first and confirm if they are receiving donations. 

Then you can get your custom coins made with angels on both sides. Finally, you can engrave any additional message that you think would be important or are something close to you. Paying someone a tribute is a good way through these tokens. 

Are The Coins Found In Uncirculated Condition?

As we mentioned, these coins or tokens are not the official currency and are produced openly, not in a mint. Yes, no doubt these coins can be found in uncirculated conditions, but it would not be easy to differentiate the condition. 

There is no grading system for the condition of tokens, so it is difficult to tell them apart. However, if they were preserved in a case and held a special value to Catholics, they can be sold for a premium. Until then, there wouldn’t be any numerical value of such coins in the collectors market. 

What Is The Highest Value I Can Get For The Coin With Angels on Both Sides?

Determining a numerical value for the coin with angles on both sides is difficult. Sometimes the name of the Catholic relief service handed out can affect the value, but the service rarely engraves any sign. 

On the other hand, if preserved properly and is a rare coin, you can get about $4 for this coin. However, there is no proper collectors market for such coins, which is why you get the right information about the value is a difficult task for many. 

Where To Sell The Coins With Angels On Both Sides?

There may not be a market for such coins, but there is a demand for them regarding the sentiments Catholics have toward them. Moreover, these coins have many stories attached to them as they have been circulating for a long time. 

You can sell these coins online or at a pawn shop. However, you can also sell if you have them in bulk to get a better price of the coins. 

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