How Much Is Lane Hope Chest Worth?

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

Lane hope chests used to be incredibly popular when the company was still in production. Every home used to have these chests for storage and other purposes. If you have a Lane hope chest in your home, you might be thinking of selling it.

After all, it might be worth some money, depending on the condition. So, if you are wondering how much Lane’s hope chest worth is, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about it.


How Much Is Lane Hope Chest Worth?

The Lane hope chest’s worth will depend on its condition, rarity, and age. Because of these factors, the worth of the chest can range anywhere between $100 and $700 or more. However, most of the Lane hope chests will be worth between $250 and $400.

You can also compare your chest to other people’s online and see how much they are selling it for. It will help you determine the value of your chest and how much you should sell it for. There are endless secondhand stores, antique shops, and online auction websites that will help you sell the Lane hope chest.

You can browse through these stores and websites to check how much people are willing to pay for your chest. Once you have the numbers, you can decide how much you want to sell your Lane hope chest for.

How Do You Tell What Year A Lane Hope Chest Was Made?

If you want to know the age of your Lane hope chest, you can check the year it was made in. You will know this through the serial number of the chest. Serial numbers are usually on the bottom of the hope chest.

Once you see this serial number, you can reverse the three number pairs that have a six-digit serial number. After you do that, you will have the exact date of the year your Lane hope chest was made. It will help you decide its rarity and age, which will determine the price of your hope chest.

When Did Hope Chests Go Out Of Style?

Trends keep on coming and going, and you will not hear much about hope chests these days. However, it was used to be the most important item for brides at one point in time. Then, during the 50s, these chests began losing their popularity in the United States.

The most important contributing factor to this loss of popularity was the Women’s Liberation Movement. During this time, the attitude of the people towards marriage changed drastically, which is why people stopped buying hope chests. After that, companies also stopped making this item.

What Should I Put In My Daughter’s Hope Chest?

If you want to purchase a hope chest for your bride-to-be daughter, you can put many things in it. Remember that all of these things must denote the hope of your daughter becoming a bride soon. You can begin by adding a wedding veil, table linens, towels, home décor, sheets, blankets, family heirlooms, and more.

Of course, the possibilities are endless, and you can put anything you want to gift your daughter as she becomes a bride. It will enable her to start her new journey on the right foot with everything she needs. Remember that even in modern times, people gift hope chests to their daughters.

Why Is A Hope Chest Called A Hope Chest?

The term hope in the hope chest is symbolic of the hope in marriage. That is because the chest is one of the most important vessels that a newly-wed bride can one day offer to her daughter. It offers hope for a new life and marriage that a person can look forward to.

Most of the traditional hope chests were made of cedarwood. It is a wood that acts as a natural repellent for fungus and insects.

Who Invented The Hope Chest?

Contrary to popular belief, the hope chest did not originate in America. Instead, it was brought to America during the 18th century by European immigrants. These included German settlers, which were eventually called Pennsylvania Dutch by the Americans.

The Amish settlers had a long yet interesting tradition of simple yet crafted chests that included ornately painted decorations. Of course, as they brought these chests with them, they became highly popular in the United States, and people started using them for a different purpose. Now, these chests are an excellent storage item, and people also keep them in their houses as an antique.

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