How Much Is A Nintendo DS Worth?

Last Updated on June 21, 2022

Whenever you look at a Nintendo DS, it will take you to your childhood days when life was simple and easy. You can even get a used Nintendo DS now, and it can range anywhere between $20 to over $200. But, of course, that depends on many factors. 

So, if you want to purchase a Nintendo DS, you are in the right place. Here is a complete guide that will help you understand its worth. 


How Much Is A Nintendo DS Worth?

On average, the Nintendo DS can sell for at least $50. For example, you can get a used Nintendo DS for anywhere between $20 and $200. Besides that, a refurbished Nintendo DS can cost anywhere between $20 and $120. 

Of course, that also depends on the type of Nintendo DS you are planning to buy. For example, the DS Lite will sell for more than $50 on average. On the other hand, the DSi XL and the DSi will sell for more than $80 and $50, respectively. 

We recommend that you check various auction sites and listings, as that will give you a better idea of the prices. Everyone sells it at a different price, but these are the averages that you can expect. 

Nintendo DS Lite Polar White (Renewed)

What Are The Prices Of Nintendo DS On Amazon And eBay?

Amazon and eBay are the top places where you can easily find a Nintendo DS for sale. Here is the average price you will find on eBay and the lowest price you will find on Amazon for the Nintendo DS:

Nintendo DS Type Amazon eBay
DS $50 $46
DS Lite $50 $50
DSi $50 $48
DSi XL $60 $80

Of course, the prices will vary greatly based on many factors. However, these are according to the condition and model of the Nintendo DS. In the end, it is up to the retailer how much they want to sell the Nintendo DS. 

Is Nintendo DS Discontinued?

Unfortunately, you will not find a brand new Nintendo DS anymore. That is because, in 2014, all the models were discontinued by the company around the world. The discontinuation was because of the Nintendo 3DS release in 2011, as that used WiFi connections.

Besides that, with the emergence of new consoles and devices, the Nintendo DS became obsolete. However, there are still many people that would love to get their hands on the Nintendo DS. That is why you will find it at auction sites and other marketplaces. 

How Old Is A Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo DS has been here for almost two decades now. That is because the first-ever DS was released in 2005. Ever since then, many new models of the Nintendo DS have come out for users. 

These included the DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL. All of these systems have unique functions and characteristics that make them different from one another. However, all of them will play your favorite Nintendo DS games in no time. 

What Does DS Mean In Nintendo DS?

Many people still don’t know what the DS in Nintendo DS means. If you also don’t know, then it means dual screens. That is because the game device comes with two screens that you can watch simultaneously to play your game. 

The top screen is the game screen, while the bottom screen is utilized to make the selections. Because of these screens, a user gets a complete experience of the games, as they can focus on playing them and selecting various things. The company kept on launching more versions to enhance the user experience. 

Do Nintendo DS Games Work On Switch?

Unfortunately, if you have a new console and you want to play Nintendo DS games, you can’t do that. The new consoles don’t allow you to play the old games. That is because the DS and Switch games have unique cartridges that are not compatible with the games of the DS. 

For example, even though the Switch can run a game in the DS family, it does not have a cartridge slot for any of the Nintendo DS game titles. Because of this, you will not be able to play any of the Nintendo DS games on Switch. 

Can You Play DS Games On The Wii?

While The Nintendo Wii looked promising, it failed due to many reasons. However, if you have Nintendo Wii, you might be wondering if you can play DS games on it. The good news is that you can play the DS games on the virtual console of the Wii U. 

The app will let you play the older DS games with the help of software emulation. That is why you will enjoy playing these older games in a new way in no time. So, give it a try, and see if you enjoy it. 

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