How Much Is A Pot Of Gold Worth?

Last Updated on June 21, 2022

According to Irish folklore, pots of gold are kept at the end of every rainbow by leprechauns. They also hide these pots under the trees in the forests. The legends say that a pot of gold has a thousand gold coins of one ounce, which is why the current value of the pot of gold can be more than two million dollars. 

Of course, everyone dreams of finding a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. However, that sounds like a distant dream. If you want to know more about the worth of the pot of gold, you are in the right place. 

Here is what you must know. 


How Much Is A Pot Of Gold Worth?

Gold prices are soaring sky-high, which is why a pot of gold can be worth more than two million dollars. That is six times more than what it would have been worth two decades ago. Of course, the chances of coming across a pot of gold are close to none. 

However, you might have a small pot of gold that you may want to cash in? You can look around your house and see what you find. Who knows, maybe this St. Patrick’s Day, you will get lucky and find a pot of gold in no time. 

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Why Is Gold Associated With Leprechauns?

You might be wondering why the folklore includes leprechauns and gold. Well, according to the legends, leprechauns work as cobblers, and they have to preserve their wealth. So, they use gold to preserve their wealth because leprechauns don’t have access to any financial market. 

That is why gold proves to be a good metal for them that allows them to store their hard-earned wealth. When they have to preserve this gold, they do this at the end of the rainbows or under the trees in the forests. So, next time you are in a forest, don’t forget to go on a gold hunt. 

How To Get A Pot Of Gold From A Leprechaun?

According to the Irish Legend, the leprechaun will keep the fortune in pots of gold, and he will give it to anyone that follows the correct advice. So, if you want to get a pot of gold from a leprechaun, here are a few things you can do:

  • Listen for the hammer sound, as leprechauns are always busy making shoes
  • Sneak up on the leprechaun 
  • Hold on to him and don’t let him go. Remember that he will put up a pretty good fight
  • Keep your eyes on him 
  • Threaten him so he can tell you where his pot of gold is 
  • Make the leprechaun take you to the pot of gold 
  • You will probably find it at the end of the rainbow

If you don’t know where to find a leprechaun, then you will always find them wearing green and making shoes. Once you follow this procedure, the leprechaun will give you his pot of gold without any hassle. 

Are There Female Leprechauns?

You will notice that leprechauns are always male. That is because no one has given an account of a female leprechaun, which is why we don’t know if they exist. The males also wear nothing but green from top to bottom as their official attire. 

However, during the beginning of the 20th century, there were also accounts of leprechauns wearing red coats. So, if you see any of this attire, it might mean that you have come across a leprechaun. It will always be a male, and it might lead you to strike a pot of gold in no time. 

Do Leprechauns Smoke Pipes?

According to the legend, you will find leprechauns described as bearded and wise old men that dress in green. They also wear buckled shoes and sometimes have a leather apron. Besides that, you will also find a leprechaun wearing a pointed cap. 

Sometimes, these leprechauns may also be seen smoking a pipe. Yes, we all have our vices and so do leprechauns. If you check all these boxes when you see someone, it means you have just discovered the real-life version of a leprechaun. 

Why Are Leprechauns Evil?

Many people believe that leprechauns are evil men, and you must run away as soon as you come into contact with one. The reason they are evil is because of their tendency to over-indulge in the homebrew. Because of this overindulgence, they become unpredictable and belligerent, which is why they are known to be evil. 

If you want to kill an evil leprechaun, you can do it with a four-leaf clover, as that leads to their demise. However, if you don’t have this with you, then you can always use an iron to slay the leprechaun. Once you do, they will be dead in no time. 

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