How Much Is A RSC Ring Worth? (Answered)

Last Updated on July 30, 2022

The RS Covenant is one of the world’s jewelry manufacturers. The top-quality finish and material you can only see in the jewelry of RS Covenant. The rings by RS Covenant are one of the most popular.

RS Covenant specializes in making rings using sterling silver. The 925 silver is the best type for rings and jewelry.

The RS Covenant rings do look like a piece of fine jewelry. However, many people are confused about the worth of their rings.

Please keep reading to know more about RS Covenant and its rings.

RS Covenant Women's Rhodium Plated Dress Ring Engagement Style Round Cut CZ 037 (9)


How Much Is A RSC Ring Worth?

The RSC uses sterling silver in their rings, making them highly affordable and still contain the shine of a fine piece of jewelry.

RSC offers rings in various designs and styles. You will get to see endless options of rings from RSC.

For a rough idea, the price may differ due to the difference in material and design in every ring. An RSC ring can range from $30 to $70. If you get a customized ring made, that will cost you a lot, depending on your requirements.

Where Can You Get RSC Rings?

The RSC only deals in wholesale sales, which is why you won’t see any product on their official website. However, you can download the brochure of their rings and choose the design you like. But for shopping, you have to find a retailer who deals in RSC rings.

The best one is Amazon, as they offer a huge variety of RSC rings, and you can get yours delivered right away. But if you are looking for a limited edition ring, you can always check eBay. Many people post the sale of their special rings on eBay to get a higher price.

Does RSC Use Real Diamonds?

RSC is a wholesaler, so they don’t use premium diamonds, as they are best for customized rings. However, RSC uses Swarovski crystals to represent the diamond-like style in their rings.

The crystals are a perfect alternative to diamonds that carry a similar shine. In addition, the use of crystals makes the rings affordable and looks like premium jewelry.

Amazon Collection Sterling Silver Platinum Plated Infinite Elements Cubic Zirconia Three Stone Ring, Size 7

What Stones Does RSC Use?

In different styles of rings, you have to use various stones. The RSC uses genuine precious stones and doesn’t compromise on the quality of its material.

Some of the stones in RSC rings are tiger eye, garnet, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, or occasionally ruby.

All the gemstones are high quality and go perfectly with the design offered.

What Other Material Can You Find In RSC Rings?

RSC specializes in manufacturing sterling silver rings, but it is not the only material they use in the rings.

RSC also makes rings using brass alloy to offer an affordable range of rings. However, be it silver or brass alloy, both are hand polished before going towards the platter.

Why Is Sterling Silver Called 925 Silver?

Sterling silver is the highest quality of silver you can find, and the products made from it hold a premium look. However, many people associate sterling silver with 925 silver as well. So don’t confuse yourself between these two.

Sterling silver is the purest form of silver and contains 92.5% of silver and only 7.5% of copper. Due to the 92.5% content of silver, the sterling silver is called 925 silver.

Why Does My RSC Rings Giving The Finish Of Platinum?

No doubt, RSC rings are the most popular due to their premium finish and durability. In addition, to offer platinum and or white gold finish, RSC uses a specialized process.

All their rings, after being polished, are electroplated with layers of rhodium. This creates a strong layer over the silver. Not only that, this process leads to the finish of platinum and rhodium.

How To Identify RSC Rings?

The hallmarks are one of the best ways of identifying the maker of jewelry. The hallmarks were made to make it easier for you to identify. Therefore, you can find an RSC hallmark in their manufactured rings. All the rings contain a mark.

If someone is trying to sell you a ring that doesn’t have any RSC, do know it is fake. RSC marks their ring through such a process that makes it impossible to wear or remove.

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