How Much Is Snake Venom Worth?

Last Updated on May 24, 2022

Sometimes, the diseases and illnesses we have require a lot of medicines that we must take in order to feel better. However, such medicines contain things we might have never heard of before. For example, snake venom is used in the treatment of illnesses such as cancer, thrombosis, arthritis, and more. 

That is why snake venom has medical worth, as it is used in the industry for research purposes. So, if you are wondering how much is snake venom worth, you must keep reading to find out. 


How Much Is Snake Venom Worth?

The worth of snake venom can vary between $4,000 per gram to $153,000 per gallon, depending on the species of the snake. That is why it is crucial to know the type of snake venom you are looking for. It will help you understand the exact cost in much more detail. 

Of course, snake venom is highly expensive because it is used as an antidote. For example, it can reduce blood pressure, relieve pain, and break up blood clots. You can think of the snake venom as a precious poison. 

So, you need to invest at least a few thousand dollars or more if you want to possess snake venom. Of course, that depends on what type of snake it is and what the venom is being used for. 

How Much Is King Cobra Venom Worth?

The King Cobra venom is perhaps one of the most expensive poisons you will find. That is because the worth of King Cobra venom is more than $153,000 per gallon. Remember that the high cost also involves the risk that comes with handling a reptile that can kill you and even an elephant within a few minutes. 

On the other hand, King Cobra venom also contains ohanin, a potent protein. This protein is known to hold incredible potential for treating chronic pain. So, it has one of the highest values for snake venom that you will find. 

How Much Is An Australian Brown Snake Venom Worth?

The Australian Brown Snake is also known as Pseudonaja, and it is considered to be one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. That is why the venom of the snake is also expensive. However, it is not as expensive as the King Cobra venom. 

A gram of the Australian Brown Snake venom is worth more than $4,000. Many people in the healthcare industry use this venom for research purposes and antivenom production. This snake’s venom is so lethal that even the little snakes can deliver a fatal dose to you. 

How Much Is Coral Snake Venom Worth?

When you look at a coral snake, you will never realize that it has poisonous venom because it looks pretty and thin. However, it is the second-strongest venom among all the snakes. The strongest venom is that of the black mamba, and no other snake can compete with it. 

The worth of the coral snake venom comes down to over $4,000 per gram, just like the Australian Brown Snake. That is because it also has many medical uses. For example, according to research, the venom of a coral snake has antibacterial and antiviral properties that make it valuable. 

How Much Is Desert Death Adder Venom Worth?

The Desert Death Adder, also known as, Acanthophis Pyrrhus, is native to Australia. It comes in two shades: yellow and brick red, which make the snake look incredibly vibrant. However, it is one of the most harmful snakes you can find on land. 

The venom of the Desert Death Adder is laden with neurotoxins, and they are worth at least $3,000 grams. It has a useful purpose in the medical industry as venom is used to create useful drugs and diagnostic tools. The payload of this venom is also premium because of the toxins. 

Why Can Humans Only Be Treated With Antivenom Once?

To understand the reasoning behind this, you must understand what the antivenom can do. For example, you can’t use antivenom to reverse the effects of the venom once they have begun. However, you can use it to prevent the symptoms from getting worse. 

In simple terms, the antivenom can’t unblock a channel that is already blocked. However, it will help your body to repair the damage with time so that you can heal properly. That is why you can think of using antivenom as a small repair job for your body, which will help it heal after there is venom inside your body. 

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