How to Make a Rosary Bracelet With String and Beads? (Rosary Makers Guide)

Last Updated on March 24, 2022

Making your own rosary can be sweet and rewarding! I know you will love these easy to follow steps I’m about to show you. 

Aside from the easy to follow steps, this rosary is made using only supplies found at any craft store. You don’t need to order at rosary centers. Let’s get started!


How to make a rosary bracelet with string and beads? 

You will be making 59 beads in total. 6 beads for “Our Father” beads and 53 “Hail Mary” beads.

Supplies needed:

  • String- You can use yarn or ribbon. You need something thick enough, so when you tie a knot, the knot doesn’t fit through the pony bead. 

Also, remember most strings will ravel to some extent and you want to avoid that.. What you can do is burn the end of the string or wrap a clear piece of tape around the end of the string.

  • Pony Beads or any beads you like that will perfectly resonate your personality.

Rosary-making instructions

  1. In the middle of the string, tie on your cross or crucifix first then knot it at the top.
  2. String on 1 Our Father bead, then tie a knot.
  3. Add 3 beads of Hail Mary, then tie a knot.
  4. Another 1 Our Father bead and tie a knot. Leave a space before you tie another knot for your decade.
  5. Now move forward by making your decades. In 1 long string, make 10 Hail Mary beads, tie a knot then 1 Our Father bead, tie another knot. 
  6. Once you have all your beads strung on, to the space that we left earlier, tie the end of the string and make sure to double knot this part.
  7. Trim off the excess string and melt the ends with a match or dab the knots with some glue to keep them from coming untied.

And you are done! Very simple. Your DIY rosary is ready to be used and be  used for prayer anytime you need it!

Jujube Wood 10mm Rosary Bracelet

What are the things to remember when making your own rosary?

 Leave a little extra room without stringing it too tight when you’re stringing a rosary. So the beads can move a little to be counted when you’re using it. This will also not make your rosary look stiff in a circle.

How many beads are on a rosary?

A rosary generally has a decade which is 10 sets of beads and an additional larger bead for each decade. A total of 59 beads for the five-decade version. 

Priests and nuns, on the other hand, usually use fifteen-decade variety. What they use is normally made of gold, glass, pearls or sterling silver.

Rosary beads are a Catholic tradition to keep track of the Our Father and Hail Marys mentioned during the prayer. 

What is the significance of this number in the rosary?

Each mystery focuses on an aspect from the life of Mary or Jesus and the 15 decades refer to the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary. Pope John Paul II added an additional set in 2002, bringing the total to 20 mysteries. Each mystery corresponds to a spiritual goal.

A Full rosary is praying all 15, or 20 but the minimal amount is 5 decades. Instead of praying the whole set of decades, most Catholics only pray a single set of mysteries each day. It allows them to focus on praying, rather than counting.

How do you use the rosary?

The standard prayers are the Apostles’ Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. 

  1. First make the sign of the cross.
  2. Hold the crucifix. Say the “Apostles’ Creed.”
  3. Next move your fingers to the next large bead and say “Our Father.”
  4. Pray the “Hail Mary” on each of the small three beads.
  5. Pray the “Glory Be” on the next large bead.
  6. Move around the longer strand, say the “Our Father” and one of the mysteries for each decade.
  7. While fingering the small beading between the large beading, pray ten “Hail Marys.”
  8. Conclude with the “Hail Holy Queen” and any other prayer once you go through the five decades.

In the Catholic tradition, It is a statement of faith and a sacred object. While many consider the rosary sacrilege, other people wear one as jewelry or fashion statement.  

Rosaries often have personal significance and these are a recognized emblem of Catholicism. The cords, the strings and the beads are made of special material that resonates with the person praying. You can use cord, chain, beads or great shape beads to create your own rosary.

Hope the instructions on how to make this DIY rosary were clear enough to follow. You can now start creating your own piece.

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