How to Tell if Black Diamond is Real? Best Detection Methods

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Historically regarded as low quality, natural black diamonds are now prized diamonds.

There are real natural and treated black diamonds on the market. You can hold both up in the light and there will be less transparency in the untreated diamond than in the less desires treated one.

Real black diamonds get their color from the large amounts of minerals inclusions, staining within crevasses, or due to graphitization.

Read on to find out more about black diamonds, including what treated or enhanced black diamonds are, how real black diamonds become their dark color, and a few very interesting facts about black diamonds.


How to tell if black diamond is real?

It is quite difficult to tell a real and treated black diamond apart but there is a one major trick you can use.

You can hold both a treated black diamond and a real black diamond up in the light and there will be less transparency in the untreated diamond than in the less desired treated one.

So, the real natural black diamond will be darker and will have less light showing through. You may need to use a magnifying glass for the easiest results.

What is a treated or enhanced black diamond?

Many of the black diamonds on the market are treated, sometimes called enhanced, to increase the color. They usually use low-grade regular white diamonds that are low in value due to the amount heavy fracturing and inclusions. These diamonds are treated to a high temperature and low-pressure process that speeds up the process of graphitization, which turns the diamond black.

What are black diamonds?

There are real natural black diamonds and treated black diamonds. Real natural black diamonds get their color from the large amounts of tiny mineral deposits called inclusions found within the actual diamond.

The miniscule mineral inclusions can include the following:

  • Graphite
  • Pyrite
  • Hematite

What else can cause diamonds to turn black?

Black diamonds can also be created from the black staining found in the numerous crevasses and fractures that cover the surface of these diamonds. They may have also started turning black due to the natural process of graphitization, which is the process of forming graphite within the diamond.

Are real black diamonds always black?

Black diamonds can be almost colorless, brown, to even olive green depending on the percentage of mineral deposits present in the diamond. Natural black diamonds have a metallic luster and are almost completely opaque. These diamonds are actually clear, but they are so dark in color from all the inclusions that they appear black to the naked eye.

How do I tell if my loose diamond is a real diamond or a synthetic diamond?

Treated black diamonds and real natural diamonds are both diamonds regardless of the quality of the cut. But if you are trying to determine if what you have is a real diamond or not then, the water test to a great place to begin.

The water test is conducted as follows

  1. Fill a glass with water
  2. Drop the gemstone in the glass of water
  3. If the gemstone sinks, then it is a real diamond
  4. If the gemstone floats underneath or at the surface of the water, then it is a fake man-made diamond.

What is the most popular type of jewelry that is made with black diamonds?

There is currently a trend to make engagement rings, wedding rings, and other vintage inspired rings with black diamonds, especially after a 5 ct black diamond engagement ring was used in the 2012 movie Sex in the City 2. They have also been a popular choice for stud earrings, especially when paired with rose gold settings.

What is the typical price for black diamond jewelry?

You can find reasonable prices for real black diamond jewelry as well as super elaborate and expensive pieces. We have seen the typical range of prices from a couple of hundred dollars to over five thousand. Contacting your local jeweler if the best route to determining what a piece may be worth, if it is real, or if you need help with finding a new black diamond piece.

What is the most famous black diamond?

The Eye of Brahman was a black diamond that was allegedly stolen from an idol in India in the early 1800s. It is known to be cursed and several of its owners even committed suicide. Ultimately, it was cut to break the curse.

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