Is Bumblebee Jasper Toxic?

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Talking about jasper, Bumblebee is one of the unique ones you can find. The black and yellow patterns make it eye-catching. You may not have seen such stone with such a unique pattern. It looks great in a necklace or a ring.

However, many people think bumblebee jasper is a toxic stone due to its elements compound. But there is a lot to know about it. Therefore, here is a complete guide to help you out.

Make sure to read every section to develop a better understanding about bumble jasper.

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Is Bumblebee Jasper Toxic?

Bumblebee Jasper is a mineral that comes on the list of toxic minerals. Yes, bumblebee jasper is toxic but in its raw form. As a gem, when it is processed, the toxicity is refined but not entirely.

However, keeping the jasper away from pets and children is better. It is not safe to consume it with food or any form. It contains arsenic sulfide, which makes it a toxic stone.

Is It Safe To Wear Bumblebee Jasper?

Bumblebee jasper may not be safe to wear as direct contact with the skin for a long time can have reactions. In addition, if your skin is sensitive, then there is no way that you should wear it.

However, if the stone is of the highest quality and refined with proper care, you can wear it. But make sure not to wear it for a long time. In addition, Bumblebee jasper contains high Arsenic sulfide content, which makes it toxic.

Keep in mind never to digest bumblebee jasper in any form. You can suffer from serious physical injury.

Is Bumblebee Jasper Rare?

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Bumblebee Jasper is relatively rare due to other similar stones. In addition, it is a volcanic stone, so it is difficult to mine them as the conditions are harsh there.

The bumblebee jasper is mainly found around Mount Papandayan in West Java, Indonesia. Therefore, it is very rare to find bumblebee jasper stones there as the volcano may be active any time of the year.

How Poisonous Is Bumblebee Jasper?

Due to bumblebee jasper containing toxic elements, many tests were done to calculate its poison level. After research, many results stated that bumblebee jasper is poisonous.

According to the test, per kilogram of bumblebee jasper contains 12000mg of arsenic sulfide. This is a huge content level as a lethal level for humans is only 140 to 1400mg. Therefore, bumblebee jasper can be poisonous to you.

Make sure always to wash your hands if you touch Bumblebee jasper. That is why many wear jewelry designs with stones that don’t directly touch their skin.

How To Clean Bumblebee Jasper?

If you have bumblebee jasper, cleaning and eradicating it from all the negative energy it holds is your duty. Therefore, it is important to understand how to clean it properly without leaving any marks.

Many people use sage or soak it in full moon energy. On the other hand, it would be best to take quartz and circle it thrice around the stone. Make sure to do this before and after using the stone to cleanse it thoroughly.

What Precautions One Has To Take For Raw Bumblebee Jasper?

Bumble bee Jasper Natural Tumbled & Hand Polished Premium Choice Pick Large Crystal Healing Gemstone

The raw form is the most toxic and unsafe form of the Bumblebee. Therefore, taking precautionary measures is essential to ensure nothing affects you.

When dealing with raw bumblebee jasper, wear gloves and a mask. In addition, make sure the stone never falls. A sudden hit on the ground can make the stone relieve little toxic content or any gas locked in it.

Therefore, always wear your mask. In addition, always wash your hands after you are done touching the stone. We know you were wearing the gloves but washing your hands is an additional precaution.

How Is Bumblebee Jasper Formed?

Bumblebee Jasper is a mineral that is formed from the sediment of volcanoes. These types of volcanoes are only found in Indonesia.

The bumblebee jasper formed through the cracks in the ground of volcanoes. Through these cracks, the steam is exhausted.

Ahead of the seam of these cracks, you can find the minerals that come together to form the bumblebee jasper. It being a volcanic stone is the main reason it contains a high level of arsenic and is poisonous.

On the other hand, there are many counterfeit versions of bumblebee jasper that people are comfortable wearing. The toxic level is why the demand is low, but the rarity of the stone is why the value is high.

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