Best James Allen Competitors & Alternatives [2022]

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Rockstar engagement retailer James Allen has made a name for itself with an impressive collection of Conflict Free diamonds, a skilled fleet of customer service specialists, and a generous warranty. With the bar set high, which of James Allen’s competitors measure up?


What Are The Best James Allen Alternatives And Competitors?

Two of the best James Allen alternatives and competitors are two well known jewelry retailers: Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile.

Showcasing extensive collections of diamonds and a plethora of customizable ring options, Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile are two great alternatives to James Allen.

The Diamonds

While Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile offer smaller collections than James Allen, both retailers have collections stocked full of distinctive and unique high-quality diamonds.

Brilliant Earth: Ethically Sourced

Brilliant Earth boasts over 170,000 natural, lab grown, and recycled diamonds that are all Beyond Conflict Free. With a motto of “disrupting the diamond industry,” Brilliant Earth not only adheres to the Kimberley Process, but sources from only the most reputable vendors across the globe who are focused on reducing human rights abuse, worker exploitation, and environmental degradation within the diamond industry.

All natural diamonds offered through Brilliant Earth have traceable origins and help reduce unethical and harmful diamond mining practices across Canada, Botswana Sort, and Russia. Additionally, Brilliant Earth customers can view each stunning diamond up close using advanced zoom technology paired with Brilliant Earth’s 360 rotation feature to see even the smallest detail on a selected diamond.

Blue Nile: Exceptional Quality

Blue Nile offers an impressive collection of 150,000 high-quality and independently certified natural and lab grown diamonds. All diamonds offered through Blue Nile are natural Conflict Free diamonds with exceptional quality.

Additionally, Blue Nile participates in the Kimberley Process and upholds the highest standards regarding human rights and ethical sourcing within the diamond industry. And while Blue Nile’s collection may be smaller than some competitors, the retailer boasts an impressive collection of natural and lab grown diamonds that can be viewed in high-definition and rotated 360 degrees.


The impressive customizability of the James Allen collection is tough to beat, but Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile do an excellent job of offering customers a variety of unique ring options.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth offers a variety of customizable ring options, including a large selection of natural, lab grown, and recycled diamonds. All loose diamonds within Brilliant Earth’s stunning collection can be customized in a variety of ways, including metal, setting, and diamond shape options.

Brilliant Earth offers ten diamond shapes and settings options, as well as four different metal options, including platinum, as well as white, yellow, and rose golds. All diamonds offered through Brilliant Earth can be searched using a variety of filters, such as diamond cut, clarity, and carat. Additionally, customers can opt for a custom laser engraving, or contact customer service to design a completely unique and custom engagement ring.

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Blue Nile

Blue Nile offers customers the opportunity to build the perfect engagement ring by selecting the ideal diamond and its surrounding elements. Blue Nile customers can build a custom ring by selecting a diamond or setting and choosing from a variety of customizable options.

Blue Nile offers ten diamond shapes, four metal options, and an impressive selection of fifteen different setting styles in some of the most popular trends, including vintage, halo, and eternity. Blue Nile customers can also choose to build a custom ring by searching Blue Nile’s extensive diamond database using criteria such as diamond cut, color, and clarity.

Customer Service

James Allen customers know that exceptional customer service and a good warranty can make a big difference when deciding where to purchase an engagement ring, but how does Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile stack up against the generous lifetime warranty and amazing customer service offered by James Allen?

Brilliant Earth

While Brilliant Earth does not have as generous of a warranty as James Allen, the retailer does provide some protection for customers against manufacturing defects. Brilliant Earth offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, as well as a three-year Extended Service Plan that provides additional coverage for repairs and cleanings.

Brilliant Earth also offers free 60-day ring resizing with free shipping to select countries, as well as free 30 day returns and 27/7 on-demand customer support via chat and telephone. Lastly, Brilliant Earth customers can choose to receive a free lifetime diamond upgrade, which ensures 100% of the original diamond price will be applied toward a future purchase.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile provides customers with a variety of warranty and upgrade options. All products sold through Blue Nile include free returns and a lifetime warranty that includes protections against manufacturing defects, as well as complimentary cleaning and inspection.

Blue Nile also offers customers the Diamond Price Match Guarantee on diamonds with comparable characteristics and quality sold through other vendors. Additionally, Blue Nile offers the Blue Nile Diamond Upgrade Program which allows customers the option to upgrade all GIA and AGSL graded diamonds sold through Blue Nile. Customers with questions can reach Blue Nile customer service specialists through live chat, telephone, or email.

The Bottom Line – Best James Allen Alternative

Customers looking to design their own custom engagement ring at a fraction of the price of traditional jewelers will be pleasantly surprised by the large inventory of diamonds and customizability options offered by Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile.

The impressive collections of Conflict Free diamonds, top-notch customer service, and generous lifetime warranties offered by Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile make both retailers excellent alternatives to James Allen.

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