How Much Is the James Buchanan Dollar Coin Worth? (ANSWERED)

Last Updated on March 29, 2022

The James Buchanan dollar coin is a presidential dollar.

It was minted and issued in the year 2010. It is named after the 15th president of the US. This dollar coin isn’t a particularly rare coin and is composed of basic metals, which include copper, zinc, manganese, and nickel. It also has a total weight of 8.1 grams only.

So, now that you know the basics and specifications of the coin itself keep on reading to find out the James Buchanan dollar coin value.


How Much Is the James Buchanan Dollar Coin Worth?

The James Buchanan dollar coin is worth between $1 to $7, depending on its series and its condition.

As mentioned before, the James Buchanan dollar coin isn’t as rare as some other coins are and is not composed of any precious metals.

This means that its worth isn’t as high as other coins with numismatic value. So, the minimum value of the James Buchanan dollar coin is its face value, that is, of one dollar.

2010 S Proof James Buchanan Presidential Dollar Choice Uncirculated US Mint

Although, James Buchanan dollar coins that are graded within the uncirculated condition can still be sold and bought at a premium. So, it is possible for this dollar coin to have a value of more than one dollar.

There are three different series issued within the James Buchanan dollar coin, where the dollar coins in each series have a different worth and quantities minted.

2010 P Series

This series was minted in Philadelphia, where 36,820,000 dollar coins were minted. The coins in circulated condition for this series are worth their minimum value, that is, one dollar. However, the dollar coins of this series that are graded within the MS 65 grade and in uncirculated condition are worth much more than their face value. These dollar coins are valued at anywhere around 3.50 dollars.

2010 D Series

There were exactly 36,540,000 James Buchanan dollar coins minted within this series. They were minted in Denver and in circulated condition are valued at their face value. Just like the P series, those dollar coins that are categorized as MS 65 grade and uncirculated are valued at around 3.5 dollars.

2010 S Proof Series

This series was minted in San Francisco and had only 2,224,613 coins issued. This is why this series is worth much more than the 2010 D and S series James Buchanan dollar coins. That is not all; since the coins within the S series are proof coins, the coin is also worth much more than other the D and P series.

This is due to the fact that proof coins are printed only on special types of planchets, which is why it also takes longer to produce them. This means that they are almost always a collector’s item instead of a coin you would use for loose change.

So, a James Buchanan dollar coin in this series that is categorized within the condition of PR 65 is worth anywhere around six dollars.

2010 D James Buchanan, 25-coin Bankroll of Presidential Dollars Uncirculated

Why is the date range on the James Buchanan dollar coin different from its date of issuance?

You might have noticed that the date that has been inscribed on the James Buchanan dollar coin is different from the date of issuance. While the date of issuance for this particular coin is 2010, the dates that are inscribed are 1857 – 1861. These dates signify the time period that James Buchanan was in office as the 15th president of the United States.

What is the James Buchanan dollar coin made of?

The James Buchanan dollar coin has been composed using different materials, and so has a mixed composition. It is mainly made of copper, as copper accounts for 88.5% of its composition. Apart from that, zinc accounts for 6%, manganese accounts for 3.5%, and nickel accounts for 2% of this dollar coins composition.

What does MS 65 uncirculated and PR 65 proof mean?

MS 65 is a term used to grade coins according to their aesthetic value. All coins graded within this category have a strong aesthetic value with a prominent luster. However, coins within this grade might have a few marks due to contact, which are faint and not as noticeable. In comparison, PR 65 proof is a higher tier grade than MS 65, where the coins have no visible flaws and only a few contact marks, which may not be noticeable.

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