Knife Edge Rings: What Are They And Are They For You?

Last Updated on July 14, 2022

Known for its delicate and modern appearance, knife edge rings have steadily become one of the most popular ring shanks. With a dynamic yet elegant appearance and endless customization and style options, it’s no surprise that more and more people are falling in love with knife edge rings.

Sterling Silver Square 8mm Simulated Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Knife Edge Promise Bridal Ring (6.5)


What Is a Knife Edge Ring?

Developed in 1886 by Tiffany & Co., knife edge rings feature a distinct V-shaped band that features a raised center. Because the band slopes upwards from the inner edges, the band meets at a high central point that produces a stylish and modern look.

Since its inception, knife edge rings have steadily grown in popularity and are considered a distinctive and modern ring style that complements many cuts of stones. Knife edge rings work well for both male and female rings. 

What Makes a Knife Edge Ring Unique?

10k White Gold Square 8mm Simulated Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Knife Edge Promise Bridal Ring (6)

Knife edge rings feature raised edges that allow for increased light reflection to maximize shine and deliver the illusion of elegance.

Knife edge rings are versatile and come in a variety of styles. Knife edge rings can be customized with distinctive features, such as diamond accents, to create a completely unique and distinctive piece. 

Knife Edge Ring Features And Benefits

Knife edge rings have a distinctive V-shaped appearance that delivers a dynamic and modern look. Knife edge rings include a variety of features and benefits, such as:


Knife edge rings are versatile and pair well with most cuts and styles of gemstones. Because of the lifted edges, a knife edge ring will appear not only stylish and modern but elegant and delicate.

Extra Surface Space

Because knife edge rings have additional surface space compared to traditional flat bands, knife edge rings can showcase additional diamonds or accent stones within the extra surface areas created from the lifted edges. 

Metal Options

Almost all metal options are suitable for knife edge rings, making the band style an excellent option for both male and female rings. 


The raised edges of a knife edge ring offer the illusion of elegance and create an optical illusion that makes the center stone appear larger without compromising durability.  


Whether choosing a knife edge ring for an engagement or accent ring, a knife edge ring is the perfect dynamic complement to a simple design.

Knife edge rings create a dynamic look when paired with traditional ring settings and can be stacked with other rings to create a unique and complex look.

Knife Edge Ring Durability


Knife edge rings are some of the most durable shank options available. This is because almost any metal can be used to create a knife edge ring, as well as:

Blunted Edges

The lifted edges of a knife edge ring are blunted and help protect the ring from snagging on external items. 

Triangular Base

Knife edge rings utilize a triangular base to provide strength and durability while delivering an elegant and delicate feel to the overall ring. 


Knife edge rings utilize durable tapered prongs to secure the center stone and prevent damage or loss of stones.

Knife Edge Ring Care

Knife edge rings are typically easy to care for and do not require excessive cleaning. However, it is always a good idea to avoid hard surfaces in order to avoid denting or damaging the ring.

Knife Edge Ring Wearability

Knife edge rings are generally considered comfortable to wear. This is because the distinct lifted edges of a knife edge ring help to reduce overall ring weight and improve daily wear comfort.


However, individuals who are unfamiliar with the unique design of a knife edge ring may find the band to be temporarily uncomfortable. 

Considerations For Purchasing a Knife Edge Ring

While a knife edge ring is beautiful and versatile, it comes with considerations, including:

Ring Denting

Because of the distinctive shape of a knife edge ring, it can be prone to denting if a softer metal is used. The risk of denting is reduced when a more durable metal option is used to create a knife edge ring. However, dents in knife edge rings can be repaired.

Ring Resizing

Because of the unique shape of a knife edge ring, it can be challenging and sometimes impossible to resize a knife edge ring. Individuals should be sure of the ring size before purchasing a knife edge ring.

Are Knife Edge Rings Affordable? 

Just like other ring options, knife edge rings are available in a variety of price points but are typically comparable in price to solitaire-style rings. 

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