Linjer Jewelry Review for 2022

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

When it comes to jewelry, it does not really get much better than Linjer.

I’ve been shopping with Linjer for years and I’ve never been disappointed by any piece I’ve purchased. In fact, each piece I’ve purchased has exceeded my expectations for beauty and quality.

On top of the beauty and quality that comes along with Linjer, they are also different from many other jewelers because they create their jewelry sustainably, and this is what really kept me coming back to them over and over: The fact that they are environmentally conscious.

So, if you’re a jewelry collector—like me—but you’ve been looking for a more environmentally friendly way to continue adding to your collection, then keep reading this review to find out why Linjer is ideal for sustainable shoppers, as well as my thoughts and experiences with some of their pieces.


Linjer Jewelry Review

Linjer has a seemingly endless variety of jewelry to choose from, and probably at least one or two pieces for every jewelry-lover out there including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Their jewelry is also composed of an array of different materials from gemstones to gold to sterling silver. This is very important for me when I’m shopping for jewelry because I like to have jewelry for every occasion, so it’s nice that I can get so many different pieces from the same jeweler.

Some of my favorite pieces in my collection from Linjer include my Liv Stacker Ring, a Birthstone Necklace, and the Jorunn Hoops.

Liv Stacker Ring

This is actually the first piece I purchased from Linjer.

I was surprised by how great the quality is for such a dainty little ring, and it has now become a staple accessory for me. It’s beautiful to the eye, durable, and easily mixes and matches with the other rings in my collection.

I’m also a fan of the color and material: Gold vermeil. Let’s face it, gold goes with pretty much anything.

Birthstone Necklace

I’m usually not one to wear gemstones around my neck—I’d much prefer them as rings or simply placing them around my home as decoration—but I’m so happy I purchased a Birthstone Necklace from Linjer.

I have the Opal Birthstone Necklace and I find that—because of its color and daintiness—it works well when I need jewelry for a special occasion. I’ve worn it to weddings and holiday dinners, and I always get compliments on it. This being said, I do usually only wear this piece on special occasions rather than every day.

Perhaps it is the opal, but something about it is just so attractive and elegant.

Jorunn Hoops

I love a good pair of hoops but—for the most part—the hoop earrings in my jewelry collection are quite small and thin. The Jorunn Hoops are the exact opposite: They’re a bit on the larger side—at least in comparison to my hoops—they’re chunky, and they have some weight to them.

I wasn’t initially a fan of the chunky jewelry fad. However, these hoops have changed my mind completely. I purchased mine in the gold vermeil variety, but you can also purchase them in silver if you prefer.

Is Linjer Environmentally Friendly?

Absolutely, Linjer places a lot of emphasis upon their sustainable practices when it comes to jewelry.

Many of their gold and silver pieces are made with recycled materials, they have environmentally friendly packaging—I can’t be the only person who dislikes it when they receive packages stuffed with plastic and Styrofoam—and they design their jewelry to last, so you won’t find yourself throwing it out or recycling it any time soon.

Is Linjer Real Gold?

Since Linjer often uses recycled materials to produce their jewelry, this might lead you to believe that they do not actually use real gold. Yet, they do—in fact—use real gold.

Many of their pieces use 14K gold, which is 58.33% gold. The rest of this gold is composed of other materials such as silver, bronze, and copper. This is quite typical for gold jewelry, so there is nothing to be concerned about.

Speaking from personal experience—most of the pieces I’ve purchased from Linjer are of the gold variety—I’ve never encountered any issues with their gold. It is often said that if gold is not pure, then it eventually turns green or grey, but this has definitely not been the case for me.

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