When Does LoveSac Have Sales? (Full 2022 Dates)

Last Updated on August 26, 2022

LoveSac is a famous furniture company that allows you to get different items for your home.

The best part is that it offers multiple sales throughout the year.

You can get sacs, covers, couches, and much more at discount.

If you want to know when LoveSac has sales, you’re in the right place.

This guide will erase all your queries about this brand’s discount offers.


When Does LoveSac Have Sales?

LoveSac has a few sales yearly including Independence Day Sale, Black Friday Sale, Winter Sale, and much more.

The dates of the promotions vary depending on the year. Independence Day sale takes place on the 4th of July every year.

Black Friday Sale can occur anywhere between 23rd November to 25th November. The dates of other promotions are not fixed and depend on the company’s profits.

You should also expect a New Year’s Sale in the last week of December.

LoveSac also offers discount promotions. For instance, it regularly offers 20% off on Sactionals. A Sactional is an official name for specialized couches offered by this company.

The best way to know about LoveSac promotions is by signing up for its newsletter. You may also check the website frequently for updates. The brand mainly informs customers about sales through email.

You will also encounter promo codes and sale links on Facebook whenever an offer goes online. The company also offers 20% off on accessories to help you get items at a low price.

Does LoveSac Have A Clearance Sale?

LoveSac does have a clearance section on its website with items on sale throughout the year.

You can get up to 60% off on some items such as sac covers and inserts. The discount percentage varies depending on your purchase.

Sacs relatively have a lower discount percentage because of the high quality. Meanwhile, covers and small accessories have a greater discount. You can check the clearance section regularly to see if it has an item you want.

However, all clearance items are sold at the price mentioned. You cannot apply additional promo codes or use a gift voucher to buy the accessory. All items available in the clearance section are offered until stock lasts.

Does LoveSac Ever Have 30% Off?

LoveSac used to offer high discount offers to customers in-store and online. However, last summer the company stated that it would be reducing the discount percentages. So you should not expect LoveSac to offer 30% off on standard items.

The company has lowered the discount percentages to tackle high shipment costs and earn profit. Typically, the best discount offer you will get on sacs and Sactionals is 20% off.

You may get a higher discount on specific items during Black Friday Sale. The company does not offer a 30% off promotion campaign anymore.

Does LoveSac Offer Free Shipping?

The brand is famous for offering free shipping on all US orders. If you live in this country, you don’t have to worry about delivery charges. The best part is you will experience fast shipping in the US.

Besides that, the company does not offer international shipping. LoveSac also offers a 60-day home trial for convenience. This means you can return any eligible item within 60 days for a complete refund.

The company delivers most orders within one to four weeks. Meanwhile, custom covers can take four to ten weeks for shipping. LoveSac partners with FedEx to offer you the package safely and in excellent condition.

Does LoveSac Have A Heroes Discount Program?

LoveSac has a well-developed Heroes discount program for active military members, veterans, first responders, healthcare workers, and teachers. You can get the discount at the LoveSac showroom or website. 

The company offers a single-use code that you can acquire from SheerID. This is the verification platform that the brand partners with to confirm you fall under the discount program. Successful verification will help you get a code that you can redeem once for a discount.

You can apply for the single-code three times every calendar year. The brand offers a 5% discount on any item that you apply the code on. However, the promotion is not valid for gift vouchers or previous purchases.

Does LoveSac Have Web Promotional Offers?

LoveSac has specific online sales a few times every year called web promotional offers. They are designed to help you buy items without breaking your bank. The time for the sale varies depending on the company.

“20% Off Sacs” is the primary offer that the company provides to customers. It is valid online to help people enjoy online shopping. The upcoming 20% off sac will be held on 20th June 2022.

The brand also offers “20% off Sactionals” to help you buy couches with ease. You will get a discount on sets and accessories. The next date for this sale is also 20th Jun 2022.

You can easily learn about web promotional offers by checking the terms and conditions section regularly on the LoveSac website. You may also subscribe to email updates.

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