How Much Is Millard Fillmore Dollar Worth? (Answered)

Last Updated on March 30, 2022

The 2010 Millard Fillmore dollars are dedicated to the 13th President of The United States, President Fillmore. These coins aren’t that valuable. However, these coins are great to add to your collection.

There is a lot to know more about these dollars. So if you are looking to get to more about it, continue reading.


How Much Is Millard Fillmore Dollar Worth?

The US minted these Millard Fillmore dollars in the year 2010. There are three series of the Millard Fillmore that were minted and circulated. Every series of these dollars have a different value in the market.

Today, the 2010 Millard Fillmore dollars are in circulation, and these coins don’t have premium value. They are worth their face value which is $1. However, uncirculated dollars can have some value.

The 2010 P and D Millard Fillmore dollars are worth $3.50 with an MS 65 grade. The 2010 S-proof coins are only worth $6 in a PR 65 condition.

2010 D Position A Satin Finish Millard Fillmore Presidential Dollar Choice Uncirculated US Mint

What Is Special About Proof Coins?

Be it any year coins, the proof coins have the highest value and are in the best condition you can find of these coins. The US government mints the proof coins with more detail.

The proof coins are mainly produced for collectors were never in circulation. These coins are minted on special planchets. As a result, a proof coin takes longer to make than other standard coins.

What Is The Metal Composition Of Millard Fillmore Dollars?

The Millard Fillmore dollars are coins of recent times and have a unique composition. In addition, the material used in the production of these dollars is of high quality.

The metal composition of the Millard Fillmore dollars is 88.5% copper, 6% zinc, 3.5% manganese, and 2% nickel. All these materials make up a dollar coin you may have used to buy things in 2010.

Why Is The Year 1850 – 1853 Inscribed On A Millard Fillmore Dollar?

As you know that the Millard Fillmore dollars were designed and produced as a dedication for President Fillmore. He was the 13th president of the US.

The year 1850 – 1853 written on a Millard Fillmore dollars represent the term that President Fillmore served as the President. It is a great way to respect and honor him for his service.

Where is The Mintmark Located on a Millard Fillmore Dollar?

The mintmark is an official indication, and the stamp of the mint in the dollar was produced. The mintmark on a Millard Fillmore dollar is located on the coin’s edges. Turn your dollar coin sideways, and you can find the mintmark there.

What Is The Total Weight of A Millard Fillmore Dollar?

The weight of a coin is also a feature to check if you are looking to see if your coin is original or not. Therefore being aware of the weight of a coin is very important.

The total weight of a Millard Fillmore dollar coin is around 8.1 grams. If you want to measure the weight of your coin, make sure to use a calibrated weighing scale.

2010 D Position A Satin Finish Millard Fillmore Presidential Dollar Choice Uncirculated US Mint

What Is On the Observe Side of A Millard Fillmore Dollar?

A Millard Fillmore dollar is a great coin to collect. The observe side of the coin is the top side of the coin. Therefore, the observe side of a Millard Fillmore coin is unique.

The name “Millard Fillmore” is written on the top side of the coin. The picture of President Fillmore is present right in the center of the coin. Below the image, “In God We Trust” is written on a small left side.

On the other hand, “18th President” is written next to this, and next to it, the term year of President Fillmore, “1850 – 1853,” is written.

On the observe side of the coin, you can find all these.

What Is On The Reverse Side Of A Millard Fillmore Dollar?

The reverse side of a coin is the tail side of a coin. Around the corners, “United States of America” is written. On the left side, the coin’s denomination is present in big fonts.

Other than this, the portrait of the Statue of Liberty is present. These three features are present on the reverse side of the Millard Fillmore dollar.

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