Pave Wrap Vs. Hidden Halo: What Is The Main Difference?

Last Updated on May 16, 2022

The main difference between pave wrap and hidden halo include the purpose, appearance, diamond shape, and resizing. All of these differences make the customization of your engagement ring unique. Depending on what you think your partner will like, you can select anyone.

If you are thinking of choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you are in the right place. Here is your complete guide to pave wrap vs. hidden halo so you can make the right decision.


An Overview Of Pave Wrap Engagement Ring

If your partner likes some extra bling and sparkle, then the pave wrap is the ideal choice for her. They add more sparkle and glitter than usual so that the engagement ring can shine bright. In this style, the stones are set on the sides or prongs of the engagement ring.

Most pave wrap engagement rings will also have a halo or hidden halo in the ring. So, you can get the pave wrap and the hidden halo in the same ring, depending on what your partner might like. In the end, it comes down to personal preferences.

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An Overview Of Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

A hidden halo is an engagement ring style where a halo is present, but you can’t see it from the top. If you want to look at this halo, you will have to take a much closer look from the sides. A hidden halo is usually a belt of stones around the setting of your ring facing sideways.

The halo encircles the ring and gives it a sleek look that many people love. You can also find the hidden halo at the lowest part of the bridge setting. This is where the shank roundness touches the finger.

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Pave Wrap Vs. Hidden Halo: The Differences

Now that you know what both these styles are, here are the main differences between them:

1. Purpose

Both these styles have different goals. For example, the pave wrap will make the engagement ring look more striking. That is because the shank will become more sparkly and brilliant as the strategic placement of the diamonds will also make the center stone look bigger.

On the other hand, hidden halos add more dimension to the center stone. The stone will appear larger if the base is of hidden halo. The primary aim is to highlight the center stone of the ring.

2. Appearance

Pave wrap engagement rings have a shank with stone lines. Because of this, you will notice an appearance of a pavement of sparkles and brilliance. After all, the meaning of pave in French is pavement.

On the other hand, hidden halos are small diamonds that surround the center stone base. It is called hidden because you can’t see the halo from a top view. You can only view it from other angles or the side.

3. Diamond Shape

Pave wraps will use one diamond shape, such as round. The idea behind this is to optimize the brilliance of the diamond. The best part is that it doesn’t matter if the diamond is big or small.

In contrast, hidden halos look great with diamonds of any shape. These include diamonds of shapes such as oval, round, etc. The hidden halo can also be used to accentuate the diamond shape.

4. Resizing

Finally, it is important that a ring offers you the option of resizing to fix mistakes. Pave wraps are almost impossible to resize, especially ones where diamonds exist in a large shank portion. If you reduce the pave coverage, it will make resizing easier.

On the other hand, hidden halo rings are easier to resize. Remember that there are some aspects of the hidden halo that can be difficult to resize. These include the design and the metal.

What Is Halo Pave?

Pave wrap in a halo setting, where small diamonds encircle a large stone can make the center stone look shinier and bigger. This is especially true if the center stone is low set. On the other hand, halo paves are also highly flexible.

That is because they will work best with any style of engagement ring you want to opt for. These include vintage, modern, chic, classic, and other engagement rings you want to try out. Once you do, you will have a great engagement ring in your hands that your partner will love, but be sure to have the right size if you want it to be the perfect fit the first time.

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