How to Make Your Earring Holes Bigger? (6 Ways)

Despite the fact that it is a rather ancient technique, stretching piercings is now quite popular among today’s younger people. Even if your piercing was placed at a fixed size—typically 20 gauge, 18 gauge, or 16 gauge—you may stretch your ears to a greater one. Furthermore, it makes no difference how recently you got them … Read more

Jobs That Don’t Allow Nose Piercings and Why

The stigma surrounding nose piercings has decreased over the years. While they are now acceptable in an individual/personal setting, they are not received well when you’re a corporate entity. It is heartbreaking to witness a person’s self-expression and individuality being snuffed out at work. While this practice may be required for some jobs, there are … Read more

9 Best Wireless Earbuds for Daith Piercing in 2022

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Do Multiple Ear Piercings Look Good? (Or Trashy?)

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7 Best Nose Rings That Don’t Fall Out (2022 Update)

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