How Much Is Pyrite Worth?

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

Pyrite, popularly known as the fool’s gold, is one of the most common gemstones you can find. Due to its availability and shiny color, it is known as fool’s gold. The brass-yellow color and sine may confuse you as it is gold but is not near it anyway.

The value of pyrite is nowhere near real gold, and that is why many replicas of gold items are made using pyrite. However, you use the gemstone to customize anything. Therefore, keep reading if you are looking to know more about pyrite.

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How Much Is Pyrite Worth?

If you are looking at a pyrite specimen, it is worth around $0.30 to $0.70 per carat as a gemstone. The value of a pyrite gemstone can go up from $4 to $9 per carat.

However, the value depends on the quality of the pyrite you are looking at. The pyrite is available at many places but it make sure to visit a trusted and only known place.

But the value of Pyrite fool’s gold nugget is a bit higher compared to other forms of pyrite you can get in the market.

How Much Is Pyrite Fool’s Gold Nugget Worth?

A pound of pyrite fool’s gold nugget is easily worth around $10 per pound. The gold nugget is more like rough iron pyrite. The color is raw and can be used for many things.

However, if the pyrite contains deposits of other precious metals such as gold, the price increases; it can go as high as around $1,000, depending on the metal content. Therefore, make sure to get your pyrite examined by an expert to get an accurate value.

Where To Sell Pyrite?

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Pyrite is a common gemstone that can be found anywhere. However, it holds value due to its uses, which is why people often buy pyrite.

If you want to sell pyrite, online marketplaces are one of the best options. Amazon and eBay are the top ones to place your ad at.

However, a pawn shop would be a good option if you want to sell pyrite at a physical marketplace. On the other hand, a jewelry store can also help if the pyrite contains precious metals in high content.

What Is The Difference Between Pyrite and Gold?

There are many major differences between gold and pyrite, which is why gold has the highest value. However, due to pyrite being called fool’s gold, many people think it looks exactly like gold, but that is not the case.

The first and biggest difference is the appearance of gold and pyrite. Pyrite glisten not shine, while gold shines from every edge of it. The edges of pyrite are sharp and can be seen divided into layers.

In addition, pyrite can easily be scratched, and the best way to check it is by using copper. If the gold is easily scratched, then it is pyrite.

How Much Is Pyrite Worth Per Gram?

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Pyrite is a gemstone that isn’t sold in grams. But it can easily be calculated if you are looking for its worth in grams. Raw pyrite is worth around $0.025 per gram.

It is useless to deal with pyrite in grams, and it is a gemstone and not metal. Therefore, pyrite is only dealt in weight when sold as a raw material. The unit of tons is then used for it.

How Much Is A Kilogram of Pyrite Worth?

Pyrite is an easily available gemstone, and you can find it anywhere. A kilogram of pyrite holds a value of around $19, depending on the quality.

Pyrite is a gemstone that many Americans don’t like, and sometimes it is even found on the corner of the streets. However, the pyrite doesn’t hold any value and is useless to possess.

Is Pyrite Durable and Worth Using in Jewelry?

Many people refrain from using pyrite in jewelry as it is not durable enough. You may find pyrite in cabochons, but they are easily tarnished. This is why people tend not to use such material in jewelry.

It would be better not to use pyrite in jewelry if you think of it.

Why Is Pyrite Famous For?

Pyrite rocks were used to start a fire by sparks when two rocks were rubbed together. This increased the popularity of pyrite, and since then, pyrite has been used for many other things.

Many people wouldn’t know about pyrite if it weren’t for fire. But during that time, it was the only way to start a fire.

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