What Are Scattered Tattoos Called? (Answered)

Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Tattooing has been prevalent all around the world for many years. However, the social acceptance of this art form has grown recently because of the unique designs and younger generations. So you may way want an excellent ink style.

A common design that you may have come across is scattered tattoos. These are inks of different styles spaced apart in a specific area. The key thing to note is that this form of tattoo has a specific.

So are you curious as to what is the official name of scattered tattoos? If so, you have come to the right place. Here is an informative guide that will help you understand this style.


What Are Scattered Tattoos Called?

A patchwork tattoo is the official name of scattered tattoos. This ink involves getting different images tattooed in one area. However, the key feature of this design is that the pictures are spaced apart randomly or evenly.

So you should remember that the different pictures are not meant to form a bigger ink design. Besides that, they may or may not follow a consistent theme. The primary purpose of a patchwork tattoo is to enable you to get your favorite designs around each other.

Apart from that, a patchwork tattoo comes in multiple forms. For example, you may get a quarter sleeve design of scattered tattoos. Besides that, you may want to get a patchwork sleeve.

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What Are The Different Styles Of Tattooing?

There are many styles of tattooing that you can engage in easily. For instance, you can get a patchwork design for spaced apart pictures. Not only that, but you want to indulge in a stippling ink.

A key thing to remember is that stippling ink consists of polka dot artwork. Many people confuse this design to be the same as scattered tattoos. However, they both are different inks with different key features and application methods.

Besides that, you can get a standard tattoo sleeve for your aesthetic needs. You should keep in mind that the regular sleeve is a big picture of a single image. So you should never confuse this with a patchwork tattoo sleeve.

What Is A Quarter Sleeve Tattoo?

A quarter sleeve tattoo is ink that runs from your shoulder to the elbow. This means that the upper half of your arm will be covered in different spaced apart pictures. Besides that, you may decide to get a standard sleeve of one image.

Another thing to remember is that a full sleeve tattoo runs from the shoulder to the wrist region. It takes more time than a quarter sleeve design and can be more expensive. So you should consider all the factors when choosing the best tattoo for yourself.

What Is A Patchwork Tattoo Sleeve?

A patchwork tattoo sleeve is a key form of scattered tattoo that can cover your arm or leg region. This design involves getting spaced apart pictures on a common background. The primary feature of a sleeve is that it covers an elongated tattoo region.

You should also keep in mind that this design is mainly black and grey. However, some artists may substitute red for the latter shade. This is to engage in active tattoo sessions easily.

Besides that, there is no steadfast rule that patchwork tattoos cannot include other colors. The typical location of this ink is your arm but you can also get the images on your legs.

What Are Pattern Tattoos Called?

Pattern tattoos are a different category than patchwork tattoos. This is because they are tribal tattoos. Not only that, but they are one of the earliest inks in existence.

The pattern tattoos involve getting ink of Native Americans, Polynesia, and other designs. They may be black and grey or colored depending on your needs. Not only that, but the ink can vary from small to large size.

A typical feature of pattern tattoos is that they are more intricate than scattered tattoos. So you will have to spend days or a lot of hours to get the best ink.

What Are Patch Tattoos?

Many of you may think of calling scattered tattoos a patch tattoo. After all, their official name is a patchwork tattoo. However, keep in mind that patch designs are different than the scattered ones. So you should not interchange the terms.

A patch tattoo is an ink that is made from lines and various colors to give a special threading effect. Typically, the ink can make others think that the tattoo has been sewn in the skin. This is the primary effect o patch tattoos that make them different from scattered tattoos.

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