What Causes Bow Tie Effect in Oval Diamonds?

Last Updated on December 29, 2023

Are you wondering what causes bow tie effect in oval diamonds?

The bow tie effect comes from light blockage. You’ll see a strong shadow in the diamond, which resembles a bow tie. This effect has to do with how the jewelers cut the stone and how light travels inside

Do Oval Diamonds Have a Bow Tie?

Oval diamonds almost always have a shadow bow tie in their center. However, the stronger the bow-tie effect, the lower quality of the cut. You can find oval diamonds that have solid bow ties in the center but others that barely have one at all.

The effect is less noticeable on diamonds that have more mains. You’ll want to look for cuts that have more faceting or edges. The more mains, the more sparkly the stone is as well.

However, many professionals agree that a minimal bow tie can make the shape of the oval diamond more pronounced. You’ll want to consider what style you want from the stone. You can discuss your options with the jeweler.

What Is the Bow Tie Effect in Oval Diamonds?

If you hold an oval diamond close to your face, you might notice a darkened center that resembles the shape of a black bow tie. The farther away you have the stone from yourself, the less noticeable the figure is.

The black shadow comes from your head, blocking the way light enters and exits naturally from the stone. That’s why when you move away, the bow-tie effect seems to disappear with you.

The effect has to do with the way light enters the diamond, then reflects out. With an oval shape, some of the light stays trapped in the stone. This effect doesn’t happen as often with round diamonds, giving them a very sparkly effect in the light. 

How Do You Stop a Bow Tie Effect?

There are ways to lessen the bow-tie effect. The diamond cutter will make the diamond broader and deeper than traditional oval cuts.

Although, when you ask for this, you’re giving up some face space on the diamond. Plus, you are removing the perfect ratio, so it’s not going to look as symmetrical.

Overall, there are some ways to remove the bow-tie effect. But, not everyone wants the side-effects that come with removing the bow ties. You’ll need to think about what features in the stone are most important to you before choosing.

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