What Color Jewelry Goes With Black?

Last Updated on June 30, 2022

You might be wondering what jewelry to wear with a black dress before heading out for an evening on the town or a smart casual occasion.

In general, anything goes when it comes to matching a little black dress!


What Color Jewelry Goes With Black?

In certain situations, you may use accessories to modify the style and formality of a black gown, which is why it’s critical to give your jewelry choice the attention it deserves. When it comes to selecting jewelry to wear with your black dress, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Older colors such as red, white, and tan complement your black dress. Fuchsia, sunshine yellow, and cobalt blue are other vivid hues that look fantastic.

Both and gold have a stylish, sophisticated appearance.Annika Bella Handmade Beaded Sterling Silver Necklace for Women, Length 15-17 Inches 925 Silver Short Necklace with Beads, Tarnish-Resistant, Dainty Gift for Her

However, there are particular hues that do not work. It’s usually a good idea to avoid wearing jewelry that has navy blue or brown when you’re wearing black apparel as a rule. Washed-out colors don’t complement a black dress since black looks too harsh against them.

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Picking the Right Color

When it comes to color jewelry, a black dress is the go-to. It isn’t rocket science. So go ahead and let your creativity fly.

The dress should be treated as a blank canvas upon which you may complete it with other items, forms, and colors to create the ultimate piece of art. However, depending on your goals, you must adhere to certain basic guidelines.

Let’s assume you want your appearance to be more advanced. In that situation, I’d recommend gold or silver jewelry.

This outfit works with a variety of colors, including black and aquamarine. If you have a modern and daring style, attempt to acquire those goods that are in vibrant colors like yellow, emerald green, crimson, and even orange.

These easy yet effective methods will undoubtedly assist you in standing out, getting compliments, and being noticed among a crowd.


If your dress is made of black fabric with beads, sequins, or other decoration, avoid wearing too much jewelry.

If you want to go for a full-on glitter look, stick to one color. The ornamentation of the dress should be the focus of your appearance.

You may also go for a basic bracelet, hoop earrings, or a subdued ring. However, keep the number of jewelry adornments to a minimum since having more than two starts to look tacky with your already glitzy black dress.

It’s not only about the colors, shapes, and sizes when it comes to achieving a well-balanced effect. Simply said, ensure that the accessories you choose are made of materials similar to or comparable to the dress.

Don’t go crazy! If you opt for a pair of gorgeous earrings, keep the accessories to a minimum. Another fantastic idea is to wear the dress with long earrings but not the necklace.

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Matching the Necklace with the Dress Neckline

The sort of necklace worn with your black gown is critical in determining which jewelry you should put on. Especially when considering the shape and length of the necklace.

If you’re wearing a gown with a turtle neck, you have the option of going for a longer necklace or avoiding it altogether.

If you’re wearing a halter neck, long pearls on a pearl necklace are an excellent choice. If you’re bold and like making a statement with your neck jewelry, you should know that these pieces look fantastic with both sweetheart and bateau necklines.

The V-necklines are probably the simplest dress necklines, which go nicely with medium-sized chains and even chokers. These, however, should not be overly complicated. Instead, pay attention to basic designs with a motif or a little pendant that can be worn from the chain.

The combination of a V neck and this kind of necklace will make your neck seem longer and leaner. Strapless gowns can usually be worn with chunkier and rounded neck accessories (which is the only right jewelry option) which will give your outfit that special touch.

Should I Wear Gold or Silver With Black?

You may wear silver or gold jewelry if you’re going with all black. The combination of black and both hues will produce a striking effect. If you’re going with all white, make sure to add some gold jewelry to your ensemble since silver will be lost in the white clothing.

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